Welcome to Horror Haikuesday!

A happy decaying land of creepy collaboration where Patrick Rahall and one of you loverly readers write the poetry/two sentence stories and I make some artwork to go with it. 🙂

You can check out Patrick’s work by visiting his blog: pjrahall.blogspot.com


I am a zombie.

It’s great! I eat brains daily.

But…I’ve got maggots.


This week’s reader submitted story is by Bill Hamell:


Leave me a two sentence story or horror haiku in the comment section and I’ll pick one to be featured in next week’s post!

7 thoughts

  1. 🙂 Both of those are well done — the writing and the art work.

    I was doing some mental writing drills while I walked home from work the other day: fairy tales in two sentences. I wrote these two down. The test, I guess, is whether you can tell which fairy tales they are ….

    Moments ago *I* was lying there in my big feather bed, nursing my enfeeblement, when a knock comes at the door. Next thing I know, I’m nothing but this here chunk of nibbled meat in a jar watching my granddaughter lying there in bed chatting it up with a werewolf like she’s hanging with her beau at her coming out party.

    I had it down to a science: bait ’em in with gingerbread walls and lollipop fence posts, cram them in the pantry, then bake ’em when they ripen. Now, thanks to that clever, goody-goody little girl and her dumb lout of a brother, my arms are sticks of shriveled jerky and the whole cottage will smell of burned hair before I’m done bakin’.

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      1. yes, that is correct! …. they’re fun to play around with … I’m sure passers-by thought I was nuts, I kept mumbling and chuckling to myself while I was trying different ways to compress the plots…..

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