One question interview with the author Patrick Rahall:

What did you fear most as a child?

PR: Same thing as I do now: Aliens. When I was 7 I was watching a documentary called “UFOS Are Real” and a picture of a Grey popped up on screen and I was so terrified I could only crawl out of the room because I was shaking so much.

And now on to Horror Haikuesday!

Poem by Patrick, art by me 🙂



Reach for the zipper.

This monster cannot be real!

Those were his last thoughts.

Today’s reader submitted 2 sentence story is by Graowf:


Become part of the fun and leave me a two sentence story or a horror poem in the comments and I’ll pick one to create art for in next week’s post.

4 thoughts

  1. Shadows on the wall, here I lay blanket to my eyes, shadows on the wall, dancing like chanting demons. Shadows on the wall, the room is dark, the blinds drawn there is no Moon, shadows on the wall.

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