Are you guys ready for an inside look into the darkness of Twin Flames? Great! Because the author Cassandra Shaw is here to give you the inside scoop.

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And without further ado, your lovely guest poster for today:

Cassandra L. Shaw

Hi everyone and thanks Jeanette and Horror Made for having me here today.QRzEjbXG

I write Urban Fantasy with a fun dark side and Paranormal Romantic Suspense and it’s the suspense I’m here today to chat about.

Since horror is the theme of this blog I’m not going to talk about the good guys in my novel, Twin Flames, I’m going to talk about the bad guy, who is essential to the story.

After all, without him there is no murder—so the bad guy is key.

My antagonist (e.g. the Assassin) is dark enough to be made for a horror story though he doesn’t appear that often, he’s there to add a little evil spice, a darker element, to the mix.

In alternative Earth 2056 the Assassin was once a member of a Special Operations assassin team. But, classified as dangerous, it was ordered he be taken out by another operative, and is assumed dead. But two years before his ordered demise he was severely injured and body parts were replaced with robotics.


Only the injured of the two sub-races of human residing on Earth, the Crea and Eli, were chosen for robotic enhancement due to their races’ strength and speed. What the techs didn’t foresee or care about was how the metals, and computer chips of their  augmentations would react with the natural liquid metals in the blood of both species.

Slowly the metals, natural and added, reacted and poisons formed. Chemical reactions damaged circuitry, connections fusing out from the internal corrosion. Including the chips buried in their brains, making them react in ways they may not naturally and slowly go insane.


As his circuits fused out, and the poisons slowly kill him, the Assassin became focused on killing a man from his past. Kaid Sinclair, Leader of the Katoom Eli Clan and the man that murdered the Assassin’s father. By doing so Sinclair became leader, stealing the Assassins right to take over Clan and run the drug ring Clan had become under his father’s wise guidance. Sinclair had destroyed that legacy and he must pay. The Assassin has to hurry, to complete this private mission before he dies, before the last computer chip in his head and chest fuses out, before he becomes so insane he can’t remember who he is.

But first he kills the wrong man.

Then Sinclair, the asshole, moves at the final moment
sending the Assassin’s blast two inches from his target, Sinclair’s heart. But that’s okay, the Clan Leader has declared love for a female. A woman the Assassin kidnaps as bait.

And Kaid will come, he’s Eli. Eli men protect what is theirs. But first, the Assassin intends to enjoy the Eli female stupid enough to choose Sinclair as mate, and Sinclair will get to watch.

Jeanette here,

What a vicious character, right?! But he’s also kind of tragic in how his robotic implants have driven him to the point of such deranged insanity.

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86HThank you so much for visiting, Cassandra! I hope you have an exciting successful rest of your blog tour!

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