You made it through to the best day of the week! Horror Haikuesday! *Kazoos celebrate*

Below you will find a horror haiku by Patrick Rahall with artwork by me.


Doctor says to push.

She screams with effort. Dear God!

What has she just birthed?

after birth2b

JA: So Patrick, what’s your thought process when you start to write a new horror haiku?

PR: I would say that when I’m coming up with a horror haiku or a two sentence story the first thing I do is come up with a scene. There’s a place, there are people/creatures there.  Then I try to think about what might be happening.  I try to get the perspectives of all involved. Then I try to convey that in the specified format.  Sometimes I’ll do one from each side- like what the creature is thinking or what the person is thinking.  Or maybe I’ll do third person omniscient (my favorite perspective) to get all the details.

Today’s reader submitted story is by Bill Hamell:

Shadows on the Wall

Shadows on the wall, here I lay blanket to my eyes, shadows on the wall, dancing like chanting demons.

Shadows on the wall, the room is dark, the blinds drawn there is no moon, shadows on the wall.

shadows on the wall

Thanks for joining! leave me a two sentence story or a horror poem and I’ll pick one to art-ify for next week 🙂

8 thoughts

  1. I just discovered this and I couldn’t be more pleased. A couple of weeks ago I started a Twitter account in which I post a 140-character-or-less horror story each day, as well as retweeting similar stories and narrative images, and putting a horror spin on hashtag games.

    I’m @tweetsthecreeps and I’ll be sure to look for all “horror haikuesday” posts so as to retweet them to my followers.

    Interestingly, Mr. Hamell’s above comment is rather similar to one of the Nano Horror stories I previously tweeted:

    “There’s a monster in my closet.”
    I look in to humor her. It creeps across the room and clasps me on the shoulder.
    “Sorry, daddy. It made me lie.”

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    1. I had not read your story before this post. The inspiration for mine was from two scenes I shot for Alexander and Jeanette melted together. If you think you had an original idea remember this “There’s no story that hasn’t been told in some way.”

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      1. Bill, I hope you didn’t think I was accusing you of stealing my story. I only said that they are vaguely similar. The one reminded me of the other and I took it as an opportunity to plug my own. I don’t expect to be breaking altogether new ground in 140 characters or less. I just hope to be able to produce a short, sharp shock from time to time.

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  2. Thank you! Here’s this weeks

    As I say goodnight to my son he is calmer not afraid of the monster under his bed, as I leave he says, the boy in the closet won’t play with me, OK I’ll check the closet I say. I open the closet door, there’s my son cowering he looks at me and says, Daddy there’s a monster IN my bed and I have just turned my back to it!

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