Going back to the “You choose: kick-ass Halloween makeup” post, Kristina and I have started working on the videos. (Robot, mermaid and sugar skulls are in the lead btw)

But wow, I underestimated the edit time on those. Which is partly because I want to make a downloadable shopping list and step by step guide to go with the tutorial. (I’m a maniac when it comes to lists).

vespertinehouseMore on that as we get closer to launching the Horror Made YouTube channel.

In the mean-time; I want to introduce you guys to a horror blogger and makeup artist who makes me want to smear fake blood all over my face when ever I see her photos.

Sarah from vespertinehouse.wordpress.com has a Sweet Spooks series she is doing where she experiments with her face in the land of bad-ass creepy makeup.

Here’s some of the looks she been playing with. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired and go as a burn victim for Halloween 😉

And here’s the links to the respective looks:

  1. Bloody Creature Poster Girl
  2. Scarecrow
  3. See Sick
  4. Cottonmouth
  5. Masque of the Red Death
  6. Burns

She has a bunch more, which you can find pretty easily by scrolling through her ‘cosmetics

Which look do you like best?

5 thoughts

  1. I’m getting bored with doing the same gore makeup every year, and I’ve been having a hard time coming up with a costume for this year. But looking at this, I realize I’ve seen those no-eyes prosthetics but haven’t tried them yet. That may be the way to go. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  2. 😀🎉😆☺️💜🎃Thank you so much!! Such an honor to be featured on Horror Made! And I’m so glad you like the make ups! ☺️ there’s more to come and they’ll progressively get better I hope! Lol! 💜💜💜 thank you again!

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