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Welcome welcome to the Horror Made stop of the blog tour for the The Maurin Kincaide Series.

0_0_0_0_114_170_csupload_65093082Rachel Rawlings (the author behind the series review I’ll be posting at 9am today) writes about paranormal urban fantasy (among other things). This post is a guest post by Rachel talking about what sparked the inspiration behind the newest book she’s writing.

So here she is:

When Music Is The Muse

My current work in progress is a new world without my usual vampires and werewolves, with completely new characters and a new set of rules.

The story hit me one day in the car When Music is the Muselistening to a local rock radio station. Pretty Reckless came on and as soon as the vocalist hit the chorus and the words “heaven knows we belong way down below” came out I knew I had a story.

I typically have a playlist of songs that keep me inspired or wake up the muse but with this book it was like muse had taken up residence inside my radio and was fueling my inspiration through music.

The name of the novel, Payable On Death, came from a song that played immediately after the Heaven Knows and while I can’t remember what the name of the song, the band was P.O.D.  (I’m not sure if that means the same thing to the band as it does to me, but back in my bank teller days it meant Payable On Death.)

This particular car ride was like lightning in a bottle.

Over the course of working on this book I’ve added more songs to my playlist that seemed destined to become a part of my writing soundtrack. Music like Footsteps by Pop Evil or In Love With An Angel by Theory of a Deadman and Amen by Halestorm.

Have you ever been inspired by a song to create something?

What’s on your playlist right now?

You can connect with her all sorts of places:

Website: rachelrawlings.com

Blogs: rachelrawlingsauthor.blogspot.comhallowread.blogspot.com

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