Happy Horror Haikuesday! Artwork by me, poem by Patrick Rahall. 🙂


Rough Night

Blood covers my clothes.

My hands are sticky with gore.

I woke up like this.

woke upb

Awesome awesome comments these last couple weeks, so I made art for 1 reader submission and wanted to share with you the others as well:

The nun had her back turned towards me, she was wearing a black habit covered with a veil that flowed freely on the floor. I tapped her shoulder to call her attention, she turned around, then I realized, there was no head under her veil.

– Pancake Bunnykins


Beauty of the sea
lifts my soul and sets it free
’cause it’s drowning me


As I say goodnight to my son he is calmer not afraid of the monster under his bed, as I leave he says, the boy in the closet won’t play with me, OK I’ll check the closet I say. I open the closet door, there’s my son cowering he looks at me and says, Daddy there’s a monster IN my bed and I have just turned my back to it! – Bill Hamell

“There’s a monster in my closet.”
I look in to humor her. It creeps across the room and clasps me on the shoulder.
“Sorry, daddy. It made me lie.”

  • – Edward @tweetsthecreeps

Leave me a comment with a two sentence story or horror poem and I’ll pick one to create artwork for next week. 🙂

7 thoughts

  1. People keep looking at me like they know something I don’t. You’d think I’d forgotten to scrape the putrefying bits off my face before I left the — oh, wait….

    (I almost feel like apologizing for that one for some reason ^v^)

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