As you guys may have seen on my instagram, I’ve started a coutdown to Halloween SketchDaily.

I wasn’t actually planning on doing it, lol, but now that I’m 5 days in, I might as well go for broke and do the whole month.

At the suggestion of Alex Murd (one of my loveies on FB) and Daniela Uslan (who is not only an amazing person, but has a fantastic blog about blogging) I figured should share the full process of creating the artwork. So, here we go 🙂


Kill Star Bast Leggings

Where do I get my initial thoughts from?

Usually other people’s artwork. Sometimes It comes straight from my head, but more often than not I need a little visual inspiration. For example these Kill Star leggings are where the Bast Cat sketch came from.

I found the leggings on Pinterest and said “ooo! That looks like fun! I wanna try it!” So I did.


I’m pretty good at just eyeballing a picture and replicating it. (Thanks to my many days of scenic painting for theater.)

And this time I recorded a time lapse video of the process. Which gave me a few frustrations, but I’ll explain after you watch the video:

I started recording my videos as a time lapse with a free phone app called VivaVideo. It’s a bit clunky as far as the user interface goes, but it’s doing the job so far. If I like it enough I’ll pay for it so their logo can go away.

Where I was having issues was I tried to skip using Adobe Premiere Pro (the professional editing program on Immortal Alexander’s computer) and go straight to YouTube to add music etc.

The first time I added music it chopped the video down to 6 seconds so I had to undo everything and start over. But the second time I made sure to save the change as a copy and left it un-monetized, which seemed to fix the issue.


Quick Photo

So here’s what the sketch looked like as a photograph when it was all donebast1:

Bad lighting

Zero effort to frame it well

And my foot’s even in the picture. lol

Basic Editing

Next, I cropped it, brightened it, and de-saturated ibast2t:

I did all that in my phone using the standard photo editor. (I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4)

Adding Text

bast3After that I just took the cropped photo and edited it further in an app called “Font Studio.”

I placed the words and added the “Fashion Photo” filter to the Sketch.

Instagram it!

bast4The final step was to upload it through Instagram and add my favorite filter- x-pro.  Ta Da! Sketch o’ the day!

Sketch-Down to Halloween

Here’s the current Batch of the Sketch-Down:

If you guys do any horror or dark art sketches add the #HorrorMade.

Because I’d 1) love to see what you guys are up to and 2) I’ll re-share ’em on my next Countdown to Halloween artwork post.

Happy horror making my friends! ❤

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