Update: Coffin Hop is no more.

For whatever reason they decided to retire the blog hop and I only just saw the notification.

But despite the sorrow that bring me my Halloween joy will not be dampened!

I’m coming up with a plan B for the week leading up to Halloween. We’ll still make something awesome, but it won’t be quite as big as I’d been thinking.

Ah well. Let’s make some sharing and scaring magic of our own, shall we?


It means all of the things are happening all at once and there are oh so many things happening that I want to tell you all of them!

Coffin Hop Blog Tour Submissions

First and foremost, I’m prepping for This year’s Coffin Hop (7 day horror blog tour leading up to Halloween with kick-ass prizes at every stop) and I’d like to open up some of my highest traffic days to you guys.

And if you’re a horror blogger as well, you should consider signing up over on coffinhop.com


If you have:

  • short horror stories
  • dark poetry
  • dark or creepily cute artwork
  • a film or book
  • or even a website, youtube channel or etsy store

I would love to hear from you.

I want that week to be a celebration of the delightfully dark things we all make.

If you’re interested in joining Horror Made for the Coffin Hop or would like to know more hit me up on my submissions/contact page.

Sanatraium Magazine #Inktober

12091343_984062538303263_5825927510849470058_oI’m going to add to my (overflowing) to-do list and submit some artwork to Sanitarium Magazine’s #Inktober Challenge. And I wanted to share the contest with you guys too, in case you might want to enter.

You can find it [here]

Calling all horror artists. We are seeing some fantastic #Inktober artwork already and we have had a thought – We are

going to put together a special issue that showcases these great pieces, along with interviews with the creators.

The issue will go live in November / December and will be available for FREE to our Newsstand and Google Play subscribers.

We are sure this is just one of the many art issues that we release in the future.

So if you are an artist and you have some killer ink inspired artwork please get in contact editor@sanitariummagazine.com with the subject inktober2015.

I am really looking forward to seeing your work and showcasing it to our readers.


Posted by Sanitarium Magazine on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Blog Design Polishing

The other thing I’ve been working on is polishing up the web-design here so that it’s a little less clunky, and a little more fun to explore. What do think of the redesign so far?

Part of this process has been adding some new pages ( which I hope to finish building this weekend).

  • Author Page
    • a page with photos and bios for all of you wonderful people who collaborate with me here
  • Gallery Page
    • A page just to post my artwork
  • Upcoming Events Page
    • for a list or calendar of all the events I’ll be attending and appearances I’ll be making on podcasts etc.
  • Upcoming Reviews Page
    • This is the biggie because I’ve been sent a whole bunch of things to review and I want to keep an updated list going so you guys and the authors who send me things will know when to expect the reviews to come out.
    • It’ll also help stay on schedule.

Sketch-Down to Halloween

And as a final thought, here’s another time-lapse sketch video I made for you 🙂

Have a good one!

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  1. I’ve decided you must really be a room full of telepathically-linked clones with coffee IVs in tow. That’s the best explanation I can come up with to-date as to how you can churn more productivity out of a day than Santa’s elves.

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