Dead of the Night Banner 851 x 315Often fiction mirrors the struggles we survive in our everyday lives and in the case of our guest poster today her struggles in becoming comfortable in her own skin heavily influenced her writing. Carlyle Labuschagne is a YA Sci-Fi author from South Africa who’s made it her goal to use her writing to help people understand and accept their differences.

Here’s Carlyle Labuschagne:

Humbled by Writing

headshotcI had written from the age of twelve, secretively to myself in the form of poems, song writing, keeping a diary.

I had always been that girl who wanted to be liked, who needed approval from the world. I had changed myself to become popular, altered my whole being to conform to the ideals of others.

I might have been a little too good at it and in turn it cost me my YA years.

Being popular consumed me.

I tried my hand with great success at many things, from figure-skating, gymnastics, ballet, art, drama; TV presenting…the list goes on. But all those things never really touched me, moved me. The passion was lacking. So, many years later–many wrong turns later–the bad girl had to change.

The only thing ever keeping me solid and grounded was my writing…being by myself, to not have my thoughts corrupted by others. (Of course I allowed it to happen). But it wasn’t until 2009 that I felt compelled to shut the world out and indulge in my imagination without caring what anyone thought of me. I had always been ruled by that element.


I felt that unexplainable sense of belonging almost instantly when I embarked on my first Novel The Broken Destiny. And in many ways Ava’s story reflects my own. To embrace a destiny of greatness you have to find the greatness in yourself!


At first it was all about getting all the emotion out there, and through writing my first novel, I came to terms with who I was. I finally started dealing with all my baggage I had always run away from. Writing saved me from becoming what I hated in myself.

I knew from the moment I thought about writing The Broken Destiny that I’d be published, I’d make it happen. It was not to prove anything to all those who did me wrong (okay, maybe a little). It was to be okay with me, self-approval above all approval of the untrue world out there – to set away all those false needs of belonging. It was like someone chimed a magic wand over me and I became me again.

The journey has been amazing–life changing.

writing1I have really been accepted with great encouragement by the most amazing people. And it is because of all of those who did me wrong , all those wrong turns, mistakes and bad decisions that I am able to inspire and help others feel better about themselves. My insecurities melted away the more I wrote. It is amazing to find something that is utterly and truly satisfying.

For me, my novels are my soul, my journey though the dark to find the light. So yes, I am very nervous about people reading my work, as that is my soul-baring experience set in a tale of difficult and trying times created by one ’s self.

I hope to inspire, change and motivate you to follow your dreams and stray true to yourself. The only person that can hurt you is you. By being truly you, you can achieve anything you so dearly desire.

I had never worked for anything in my life, one of those spoiled kids who grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth (that is how you say it in English, isn’t it?). I have overcome my language barrier with such ease; I have surprised myself and have grown because of it. I have never worked so hard and so passionately for something ever before.

wings2Having great friends along the way has helped me hang on through difficult, frustrating times. My deepest
gratitude to all who have touched my life during this time (you know who you are – yes, you reading this!)

My friends still find it strange that I don’t wear high heels everywhere I go. I find myself not relying on makeup and things.

Writing is my feel-good med. I am humbled by the magic it has brought to my life. I am at peace. My first novel is all about overcoming those insecurities, believing and loving one’s self. I not only changed myself through writing – I hope to change all those who read my work.

~ Don’t let fear cripple your dreams. Let love and passion give you wings ~

Happy writing all, Carlyle Labuschagne

Carlyle, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us today,  growing up is hard on a lot of us, but it’s really great to hear about your journey. It makes me, at least, feel a little bit better with the path I’ve been taking. Because you’re right, what you good at isn’t necessarily what’s good for you.

You can connect with Carlyle on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Amazon

And since this is a book tour folks, guess what?

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Here’s a little about it:

Dead of Night

The Aftershock – Book One

by Carlyle Labuschagne

DEADofNightFQPGenre: YA, Dystopian

Publish: Fire Quill Publishing, September 21, 2015

Page Count: 236

Book Description:

In a dark and desolated After Earth, love still does exist, but the cost of bearing such a flaw is death.

World War III has left Earth in utter turmoil. People’s beliefs are said to be the cause of the worldwide destruction. After The Clearing new laws are set about – to show certitude in anything besides the law is weak and chargeable as mutiny. To be illogical and have faith in religion is illegal, to be limitless is dangerous. And Illness is seen as a defect – all flaws that are inexcusable.
But to love is the greatest betrayal of all man kind. It is a fault the world has long forgotten and punishable by death, a fatal risk Aecker and Opel are fully prepared to take – because in love there is freedom. But how far can they push back before it claims their lives and of those they care about?

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