Hello my lovelies, today is the best day of the week, in my humble opinion anyway…

Horror Haikuesday!!

*trumpets and giant frogs ring out their disinterested symphony of squeals in response to my over-exuberance*

Our haiku today is brought to you by the talented word-smith Patrick Rahall who often has a pink beard and the artwork is by me, who was offered a “brownie” at Rock and Shock and happily took it when the “brownie” turned out of be a brown letter E.



Walk. Walk. Lunge! Grab! Bite!

Scream. Hit, push, bleed, cry, die. Rise.

A zombie is born.

Today I’m doing something a little different, here’s a two sentence story of my own:

I wake up with a start and smack my head into the wood above me. Mournfully I slide my hands around and realize, I’ve been buried alive.

If you’d like to have horror haiku or two sentence story featured next week leave me a comment below. 🙂

And here’s my How was it #horrormade? video for the sketching portion of today’s artwork:

ps. @tweetsthecreeps – I really loved your haiku last week, but I lost my screen cap of it when I emptied my phone in preparation for filming at this weekend’s con 😦 I feel like this the week of “Drat! Did I seriously do that?”

5 thoughts

  1. If you ever want to find my Tuesday haiku, I have been using the hashtag #HorrorHaikuesday, which you introduced but subsequently stopped using. I’m hopeful that it will catch on someday. Search and ye shall find.

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