I went places, I shoved handfuls of stickers at people, I made some awesome friends and harassed the heck out of the Deadites. All in all, I’d say that my journey to Rock and Shock 2015 was a gong-worthy success!


I try to make a post-con wrap up after I go to these things, and they kind of end up a massiv600x600bb-85e list of amazing people that I’ll be making sure to keep in touch with. Problem is, I know I managed to miss a few names and a few mentions, so if I don’t mention you, just remind me.

First off, I’d like to thank the guys from Trick or Treat Radio for letting Kristina, Immortal Alexander and I waltz around their booth for the weekend and pretend that we were important. 😉

Dynamo Mars, His Special-Lady-Friend (with whom I said “Hello!!” to at least 30 times throughout the day. Because I’m obnoxious), Johnny Wolfenstein , Ravenshadow: all of you made Rock and Shock feel like a second home. Love you guys!!

Amazing Artists:

Art Muffin – Thank you for being awesome and letting Kristina and I ambush interview you about your artwork!

SquidFarts – That dragon sculpture you were working on still blows me away.

PescEffects – Immortal Alexander is so excited about the metal “Frankenstein” print he bought from you. He’s actually trying to rig up a picture frame that has color changing lighting in the frame. Me? I instantly picked three of my next books for my sweet bookmarks to live in. ^.^

Our Lady of Reclamation – I love the work you’ve been creating with your framed and mounted critters. The Cicadas in particular were quite beautiful.

Horror Show Jack Fangs –  “Attention Convention Shoppers, Testicles. That is all.” <– made my day.

Miss Black Dollia – Charmed Vixen – Congrats on surviving your first horror convention! I hope you enjoyed it! Also, thank you so much for the photograph. It’s truly beautiful.

Jess of Doom – I’ve been rocking those skeleton-hand clips you made for me almost all week, and I’m so glad my painting found a good home with you.

Misty Pendragon – I’ve also been rocking your chain-mail earrings ^.^ I freakin’ love them.

Dale Marks Bar Accessories – Your craftsmanship is incredible. I hope you sell many many a cooler-coffin.

Influence – Thank you for the CD, I’ve been enjoying listening to your music.

Christopher Titus – I enjoyed chatting about social media with you 🙂


Juno – Your tiny tutu and car were adorable. That you for doing the ambush interview with me. And say hello to the kittens for me!

Lou C. Fher – You family is so sweet ^.^ Loved the suit BTW.

Factory of Terror – I neeeeed to come back up and do a walk through!!

Films etc.

Infinite Santa – I know the Christmas card was meant to pass on to someone else… but I like it so much I taped to my wall instead…

The History of Metal and Horror – We only met briefly, but I’m really excited to see where your investigation into the mixed lives of Horror and Metal takes you.

James Balsamo – Thank you so much for the beanies and everything! I’m really looking forward to watching your newest movie!

Sarah Michelle – you are beautiful, and adorable, and you should totally spell-o-tape your wand back together.


Scream Sisters – Thank you guys so much for you’re warm welcome. I feel like we’ve known each other for years all ready.

So What Else is Going On? – All three of you seem like such cool folks! I’m looking forward to tuning into your show. 🙂

Radio of Horror – Dude. You’re awesome. Recording with you is going to be a blast.

Authors and Books

E.L. Jefferson –  Thank you so much for doing the ambush interview with me! I hope your journey to the next convention was a safe one. 🙂

New England Horror Writers Association – Ever last one of you is a total rock star. Thank all of you so much for the interviews, the books, and for sharing your knowledge on how to get published. Short stories hold an entire world of possibilities I hadn’t properly considered.

Stacey LongoScott GoudswardTrisha J. WooldridgeBracken MacleodRob SmalesMatthew M. BartlettJenny Hula CurryOmigos, and last but not least, Jan Kozlowski


Prince of Pieces – you had me at “Zombie Jesus”

Alice and the Invaders from Wonderland – You had me at “Alice”

Derek Rook – You had me at “Banned in Europe”

Hellcat Press – you had me at “All women horror”

Also Alicia- you gorgeous inta-BFF. Our women’s room whom corset time will always hold a close place in my heart.

Tom C. – Thank you for sharing “Chocolate Beast” with me.

Dennis, thank you for sharing your very fresh tattoo with me. It’s freakin’ sweet!

Upcoming Conventions

@Mal_Carter1 asked what other New England horror conventions are coming up. I didn’t know of any off the top of my head, so I’m doing some research. But Mel, there’s the Rhode Island Comicon coming up this very weekend. I thought you might like to know.

I’m working on a post that will list all the horror conventions I can fin in one place, but that’s taking a bit to put together. So until then, let me know which ones you think should be added to the list.

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