Hello my friends,

The last week of October is upon us and since the blog tour I wanted to join is retired last year I decided, what the frack? I know some pretty spectacular bloggers, we could do a Halloween Blog tour.

So we are 🙂

#HorrorMadeHop (3)

What is a blog tour?

A blog tour is where you pop through a list of links for blogs participating in a particular theme.

What’s this tour about?

#HorrorMadeHop (4)Halloween!

For the entire week leading up to Halloween myself and my loverly blogging buddies will be creating a bunch of Halloween/Horror themed content to share with you guys.

We’re also offering chances to win prizes at every stop.

Think of it as digital trick or treating.

Come back to HorrorMade.com on Monday October 26, 2015 and visit the #HorrorMadeHop tab to find the list of participating blogs.

Have a blog and want to join?

Sweet! Check out this page: Horror Hop Rules

Don’t have a blog but want to contribute?

You’re a sexy brain and I like you.

If you don’t have a blog to share on I’m dedicating my Halloween extravaganza post to you.

Just use the #HorrorMadeHopper and share something Horror or Halloweenish on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

I’ll pull together all of the shared posts this week and on Halloween I’ll share all of your cool thoughts.

You can share your favorite horror movie gifs, artwork, micro-horror stories, costumed selfies, links to articles about haunted houses, whatever inspires you and gets you in the mood for Halloween. We’ll celebrate together!

ralphsOk, so, now I’m off to finish cooking up my posts and artwork for all of these shenanigans! Oh! And to go see The Deadites!!

See you guys tonight on Periscope, or on Monday for the first ever day of #HorrorMadeHop!

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