Welcome back to the #HorrorMadeHop – today We have a guest post from the podcaster and horror master Dan Foytik. I asked him about his thoughts on horror and story and he ended up brilliantly explaining what I aim to discover through this blog.

A Dark Communion with Story

by Daniel Foytik


They’re a kind of magic right?

Ideas that have been transformed into marks on a page and have slipped into your mind to make you feel, and see, and understand things that weren’t there a moment ago. The best stories surround you and make you forget the book in your hands or screen in front of you as you travel along with the characters. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.stories are magic

If you’re here reading this, you’re a fan of Horror Fiction and Horror Art. Horror is fascinating. It’s a genre devoted to our darkest fears and our greatest challenges.

In it, the characters are stripped down to their essence and we are made to wonder what we might do in a similar situation. Would we react the same way? Would we know not to make the same mistakes? It’s hard to answer those questions. It’s easy to say we would make better choices from the comfort of our favorite arm chair, or the warm white sand of a summer beach (with a tasty beverage nearby), but I wonder.

Think about that as you explore this site and it’s collection of dark, wicked things.

Of course, as a writer, I have a tendency to come at horror from the perspective of the written word, but story is more than words.

Story is music, sculpture, film, song, poetry, and it’s images too. Images in general – and especially images of the terrible and horrific – have a way of affecting us in deep, personal ways that speak directly to our core.

A great, written horror story is a slow decent into terror and discomfort.

A great horror image grabs you and immediately pulls you deep into dim, mysterious places where most fear to tread. And, if you dare look long enough, it lures you into what ultimately becomes a kind of communion with your darker self.

It’s in this union, that comes understanding and triumph over our darkest fallen selves. There’s beauty and magic in that, for when we understand our darker aspects and bring them into our light, they hold less sway over us.

The things here will take you on a dark ride through a landscape of terrible things, and at the end, you’ll get to come back to a safer, but likely less interesting world. And, when you do come back, you won’t be the same as you were when you left, for all experiences – real or imagined – alter us in ways we often don’t realize until much later.

About our guest author:

11954723_10205235572836491_7576768662281053385_nDaniel Foytik, a Pittsburgh, PA native is a writer, voice actor, and the host/producer of several popular podcasts, including two PARSEC Award Nominated shows: THE WICKED LIBRARY (a weekly show featuring great horror fiction from independent and mainstream authors) and THE 9TH STORY PODCAST (an ongoing exploration of story and storytelling in all its forms).

Dan’s new show, THE LIFT (a Twilight Zone style show) debuts in October, 2015. A pilot episode of THE LIFT entitled “The Lost Place” was a 2015 PARSEC Award nominee.

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