This has kind of turned into a massive October art gallery of videos and artwork. There’s a bunch that’s mine, but also a bunch that celebrates you awesome people and the things you’ve been creating.

Here’s the line-up:

  1. Horror film trailers that look awesome
  2. My entire collection of sketch-down to Halloween artwork
  3. Horror book trailers that make me want to start throwing money at people

Happy Halloween!!

Sweet Indie Horror Film Trailers:

The Witch Awakens :: Teaser from FlickerPictures on Vimeo.

Here’s this month’s entire collection of  #inktober and sketch-down to Halloween artwork:

Horror Book trailers to inspire you:

On the way home from a draining night of work, Theodora (called Teddy by her friends) finds herself guilty of something she’d never dreamed: a hit and run that results in a child’s death.

Wracked with guilt, Teddy hides her secret, carrying on as if nothing happened, but when the victim’s zombie returns, bringing along her own kind of disturbing justice, Teddy learns innocent little Mara isn’t exactly what she seemed.

And Teddy wonders, would jail be better than eternity with the vengeful girl’s accusing spectre.

Is it a small price to pay–and for what?


Ok, I know that was a lot of stuff, but that’s why it”s an extravaganza!

I hope you all have a wild and exciting day! Happy Halloween!!

7 thoughts

  1. Marvellous! Sterling work old girl! Keep it up… and please never hesitate to give a ‘Heads Up’ to the Widdowshins bugle so we can feature in there too! Poop poop from across the pond! Richard

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