I’m still feeling a bit Halloween-lagged today, there was a loot of running around and costumes, and friends and dancing to be had and now, I’m excited to be in front of my desk again drawing some art and sharing some dark poetry.

Horror Haikuesday!

This first poem was written by Patrick Rahall and the artwork was by little ol’ me.



They surround the lab.

They want me dead because I

Am more than a man.

The next two horror haikus were reader submissions.

Here is one by written by Pancake Bunnykins from arealmessybeautifultwistedsunshine.com based on the boogeyman from her culture. (very cool post btw, you should check it out when you have a moment):


And now for the Horror Haiku from @tweetsthecreeps:



Thanks Nano Horror, Pancake, and Patrick for sharing your demented poetry with me. 🙂

If you folks would like to have me make something based on your 2 sentence story or horror haiku, leave me a comment or tag #horrorhaikuesday to your post on twitter.

Have a good one!!

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