My continuing adventure in how was it #HorrorMade?

I had a lot of fun creating last week’s Half-bodied woman piece, so I wanted to share my process on that one with you.

For this one, it started with the Haiku by Pancake Bunnykins, but she also mentioned that her poem was based on one of the creatures she talked about on her blog.

manananggal, a beautiful woman who splits her body in half after rubbing a special oil on her body, grows a pair of wings and flies in the middle of the night to look for her victims. []

The Visual Inspiration

manananggal from
The Snake by Chadamo

The Sketch:

The Photoshop stages:

hearteater process

Here’s where I started messing with the sketch in Photoshop

  1. Murky blue background
  2. lack-luster grey rectangle- using the shape tool
  3. equally lack-luster triangles added under the rectangle layer. Using the polygon tool
  4. grabbed a royalty free “grunge paper” texture from
  5. change the blending mode layer of the paper texture to overlay and pow! Now it’s starting to make sense.
  6. plop the sketch in, hmm, not looking so hot. *shrugs*
  7. use the wand tool to select the unwanted white around the image. delete it. Hmm, still not quite working for me.
  8. go to “Image”, “Adjustments”  “Brightness/Contrast” kick the brightness and contrast up a bunch. getting closer, but I’ve lost a bunch of the line work detail.
  9. Duplicate the layer
  10. change the duplicate layer’s blending mode to multiply. OK, cool. this is looks right!
  11. add the haiku
  12. add a glow effect to the text
  13. plop on some credit for Pancake and myself and.. tada!
  14. All done 🙂

And since I did mention I wanted to share some speed paintings created by other artists this month as well, here’s a little something amazing from someone else:

The Finished Product

Specifically Mechaniac whom I’ve started following on YouTube. I thought this speed paint was pretty freaking cool, and it’s giving me some fun ideas that I’d like to try with next week’s artistic adventure.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a good one!

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