Nails Banner 851 x 315Horror Made Familly, meet Fiona Dodwell. Fiona, meet my lovely bunch of fellow horror coconuts.

Fiona is an author whose new paranormal themed novella grabbed my attention. (It sounds skin-crawlingly fun). Fiona is joining us today to talk about where the inspiration for this book came from and a bit about how she decided that the novella length was the right fit for this story.

Let’s crawl into this fascinating mind for a moment, shall we?

I have been writing horror and paranormal stories for years now, and I love venturing into dark and foreboding territories. What I love most, though, is the traditional ghost story.

Since I was a child, I have been obsessed with stories of visitors from the other-side.

childhood obessionI grew up in love with Susan Hill’s Woman In Black, and Stephen King’s Bag of Bones. I loved any work that dared venture into ghosts and visitors in the dead of night. It sparked something within me, something that has grown over time into one of my biggest passions.

I knew I wanted my next project to be a ghost story. Nails was born out of my love of the haunted house. I wanted to create something dark, sinister and centered around the idea of a place being inhabited by a spirit.

I wanted to take things a step further – is that bump in the night really just the house settling? Is the tap, tap, tap you hear really the kitchen faucet or something more sinister?

When you think about it, isn’t that what the mystery is about?

The disembodied footsteps, the dark shadow you catch out of the corner of your eye. You can dismiss and offer rationale behind most things, but every now and then, a voice itches away at the back of your mind asking you to consider – are ghosts real? Is one in my home?

This is where my latest release Nails takes us.

Centered on the story of a young woman, Carla Bracken, as she begins a new chapter in her life by moving into a new rental property. Almost immediately she begins to question some of the odd things that happen, but like most of us, we try to rationalize and make sense of things.fionaDquotetwit

As the story continues, though, Carla experiences a mounting terror that escalates until she can no longer ignore the reality. She isn’t alone in her new house.

Nails was fun to write. I usually write full-length novels, but it was an interesting experience penning a novella. The story, the pace and the unfolding of the horror really packs a punch.

I enjoyed being able to explore Carla and her world so thoroughly, even though I knew this would not be a fully length, I knew the story would serve best in novella length.

If your interest has been piqued and you’re interested in reading Nails, you can download this release on Amazon.

Happy reading!

About Today’s Guest Author

fionaBiopicFiona Dodwell is represented by Media Bitch Literary Agency, and is the author of three full length horror novels. She writes freelance for several paranormal magazines, including Supernatural Magazine and Paranormal Underground.

She is a big fan of all things horror, and has studied Exorcism and Demonology. In her spare time, she attends paranormal investigations and works for a care charity. Her latest release, Nails, is now available on Amazon.

Website ∇ Twitter ∇ Facebook

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A little about her new Book:


by Fiona Dodwell

11996323_10207594536365223_405922315_oGenre: Paranormal

Date of Publication: 13th October 2015

Cover Artist: Atrtink

Book Description:

Carla Bracken knew she needed a change, a new start. Moving to Moorelands Close was supposed to be the beginning of something bigger and better, so when things start to take a sinister turn in her new home, she tries to explain it away.

However, she cannot ignore the mounting horror she experiences behind closed doors. What is the dark history behind her new home, and can she stop the unfolding terror in its tracks before it’s too late?

Available on Amazon and Amazon UK

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