This first poem was written by Patrick Rahall, artwork was created by me.


He saw it, went mad.

Nothing on earth prepared him

For the Face of Death.

 The next horror haiku was submitted by @tweetsthecreeps onTwitter



A personal note:

Real life is getting to be a scarier and scarier place everyday, and part of me would love to ignore the true horrors taking place in the world around us and focus entirely on the false, and controllable ones we create in fiction.

But that wouldn’t be honest.

What happened in Paris this past weekend, and has been happening around the world on an almost daily basis has been weighing on me. I think that’s why I find such joy in the horror medium in general, and a big part of why I try to bring some fun and levity to how I approach it.

Reality hurts. But fiction gives us a place where we can be in control of evil.

Today’s horror poetry has a deeper shade to it, I don’t know if my visual venting will help you at all, but if you need someone to talk to or share with, I want you to know I’m here for all of you. In whatever way I can be.

4 thoughts

  1. Love the haikus! And you are right. It is nice to escape from reality, but we should also be aware of what is going on and be there for others. Very thoughtful of you to offer a listening ear:)

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  2. A two-sentence steampunk monster rehash story:

    The clockwork beast lay before me, thanks to the advisements of one Mr. Carroll, burbling fluids from the hissing gash I cut through its infernal iron boiler. This Jabberwock would wreak no more havoc, but how many more were even now whiffling through the mysterious, flaming, eye-shaped portal in Tulgey Wood, and I in possession of the sole Vorpal sword in existence?

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