Hello Friends, last week PoeticFootprints.wordpress.com and I posted our collaboration for Castle of Hell and today I’m posting the second half of our project with a little “How was it #HorrorMade?” portion afterwards.

Here is the poem written by poeticfootprints.wordpress.com  with artwork created for it by me.

Stigmata of the Heart

stigmata heart2

I’ll never be heard,
thoughts will never be summoned
in efforts to be understood.
my words are there to read
but no one is listening
to my demonic voices.
the ink is mixed with blood,
dripping from my possessed mind.
I’ve been cutting away
trying to remove my human
digging to find the good—
maybe some angelic trance,
only evil resides below.
the devil has been hibernating
whispering spells into my heart,
controlling my thoughts,
using my hands as puppets—
twisting and turning this quill
forming words of evil,
phrases of wickedness.
creating séances I later regret
while hoping for poetic exorcism.

-written by PoeticFootprints.wordpress.com

How was it #HorrorMade?

The Sketching Process

The Photoshop Process

stigmata hear stages So, as is my usual, I took a photo of the sketched version and then sent that along to my laptop for some Photoshopping. The little watermark in the first image was done using FontStudio on my phone.

  1. I added a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer. Then I brought the brightness down by 14 and the contrast all the way up.
  2. The hair wasn’t quite working for me yet, so I selected around the left hand chunk of hair and duplicated it. Then I transformed it horizontally and placed it over by the left side of her face.
  3. Next I brought that new chunk of hair down to 64% in opacity to add a little more movement to her hair.
  4. I repeated steps 2 and 3 on the left side of her face to plump up the hair volume on that side as well.
  5. Thinking that I’ll need some more contrast, I added a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and brought the saturation down 54 points.
  6. I felt like the heart need a little bit of a magical glow so I added a spot gradient of red over the heart. That layer ended up with a “multiply” blending mode and an opacity of 84%
  7. I wanted the heart to be more of a focus, so I selected the heart from the base layer and copied it to a new layer.
  8. Then I gave the heart a glow effect around it’s edges.
  9. That didn’t feel like quite enough “oomph” so I duplicated that layer and changed the blending mode to multiply.
  10. It was here that all of those white spots were bugging me, so I added a bunch of black around the edges and went in to touch up the details.
  11. I popped on my logo thinking I was done and then sat there staring at it for a while, asking myself, “What’s missing?”
  12. So I added some red swirls using the scatter funtction on my paintbrush and thought, “ooo! that’s more interesting. But the color is distracting from the heart.”
  13. So I changed to the blending mode of the embers to “Lumosity”
  14. And bumped down the opacity to 58%
  15. And then it felt like it was complete, so that’s where the final version came from.

stigmata heartBA

4 thoughts

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I tend to work in multiple mediums. Part of that is I still draw better on paper than I do digitally (even though I use a tablet) yet I’m less afraid to keep messing with a piece in photoshop because, if it gets to messy I have that beautiful undo function.

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