The book I’m reviewing today gets into the dark corners of where relationships go wrong, and I hope for all our sakes we manage to avoid any of these outcomes. 

Sam Costello, the author of today’s graphic novel, is one of my convention-friends (ie. we met at a convention) and I’m so glad he sent me  a few more of his comic collections to review.

I reviewed “Last Caress and Other Uncanny Encounters” over on Haunting TV a little ways back and today I’m going to let you know a bit more about another volume:

Termites in Your Smile – and other relationships gone wrong

termitescoverWritten by: Sam Costello

Artwork by: Douglas Draper, JR., Nelson Evergreen, Micheal Furious, Jason Ho, Brian Laframboise, Christine Larsen, Josie Morway, Karl Slominski

Genre: Horror, Anthology, Graphic Novel

One Sentence synopsis:

Stories exploring the dark side of relationships between friends, family and lovers.


The Stories that struck a cord:

The 1st story- and name-sake of the book “Termites in your Smile” still makes me shudder.

termites-recentIn this story you have the character Rafe who is a cheating womanizer/full-time sleeze-bag who gets what’s coming to him. But man, what happens to him really disturbs me.

I’ve had nightmares like what happens and I seriously couldn’t linger on the artwork for the last few pages. Mad props the the artist Douglas Draper Jr. for that horrifying artwork.

Characters that linger:

executioner_recentThis particular collect is stronger than some of the other ones I’ve read simply because of it’s emphasis on the characters.

That’s probably more of a personal preference on my part though. I believe a great story needs great characters living inside it to be truly impactful.

The one story in particular that sticks out in this way was “The Executioner is a Lonely Man.”

This is a story about two men in jail and the friendship they create during their time on Death Row together. Where this story ends surprised me and  really brought to mind thoughts of who was the true monster in the relationship.

Overall Impression:

This collection reads like a full thought when you approach it as a whole, but the stories still manage to have strength on their own. So as an anthology it was quite an enjoyable experience.

review quote termites

And as someone so visually driven, the artwork throughout this graphic novel was quite the feast.

… Although a visual feast that often turned your stomach… But that’s why it’s horror!


5 out of 5 blood spattered stars. If you like Twilight Zone style stories with a little more gore  poured on for fun, then I think you are going to enjoy reading this.

Find the Book:

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