Today is the last segment of a three part short story written by Immortal Alexander.

If you Missed them, Here is Part 1 and Part 2

***Please be warned, this story contains some adult language ***

The Devil’s Due – Part Three

By: Immortal Alexander


Instagram PostThe sweat on my face was now cool. It dripped back on my matted hair and I breathed out a breath of relief.

My eyes quickly snapped open as I realized I was now horizontal. I went to sit up but my head hit something… hard. “Owe, fuck” I said outloud.

The peace and calm had now left me, and fear crept in as the dark enveloped me and I became aware of my cramped surroundings. Just then a little bit of light began to spilled in filled my quarters  with cool air as a wooden plank over my head began to creak open.

My eyes slowly adjusted to the light and my vision began to clear as more light poured in. I could make out what appeared to be the bushy-browed man standing over me with a shovel in his left hand that was pitched down into the earth.

The crisp autumn air bellowed as I observed the high walls of dirt towering over me. As the bushy-browed man shifted his weight a few clumps of earth slid down and landed on me, a few pelting me in the face. I winced and turned my head to one side to avoid any additional peltings.

Am I in an open grave?  I thought as I wiped the dirt from my face.

Then the man in black and the man in white appeared behind the bushy browed man.

“Where do you think he’ll go?” asked the man in black.

“Up or down?” added the man in white.  

“We’ll just have to see” they said in unison as they shoved the bushy-browed man forward. He toppled down head first right at me like a stinking bullet laughing heartily all the way down. His stinking corpse flopped on top of me with a resounding thud. He grabbed me by the head and continued to laugh as the lid above us closed.

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I shuddered and struggled to free myself from his grip as fresh dirt could be heard piling on top of the box that was to become our tomb. I coughed as speckles of dirt came through the slots of the wood and gagged at the smell of his breath and body.

I could hear more dirt being piled on top of the wooden box I was in, smothering out the light. I tried to scream but no sound escaped my lips.

The sounds from above became more and more muffled as darkness returned, and with it… silence.

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I awoke flailing and tearing at my own shirt and screaming at a blaring electronic alarm clock that sat cockeyed on my ugly wooden night stand.

My vision cleared and the smell of weak old unwashed laundry hit my nostrils as daylight seeped in through the blinds. I winced at the smell, but was glad to smell it once more.

Was it all a dream? I thought as I rubbed my eyes. Must have been quite a night.

I yawned and noticed the empty beer bottles littering on my bedroom floor. I forced myself to an upright position and immediately noticed that my bedsheets were completely soaked with multi=colored vomit and what appeared to be bits of fruit.


It was Sunday and I was unemployed to boot, so there was no need to rush.

I could hear church bells ringing in the distance signifying a new batch of good Christians marching in single file to confess their newly committed sins.

Twitter Post (1)I laughed out loud as I dragged my bedsheets behind me so they could join me in the shower to wash away the previous night’s debauchery.

The warm water felt amazing. I stood there with my eyes closed until it went ice cold. I shivered, dried off, and hung up my wet sheet.

I took my time getting dressed, and even combed my hair for once.

As I exited my apartment I came face to face with my landlord who was standing there with a very displeased look on his face. “Rent, Now.” he barked.

I reached deep into my tattered shirt pocket and pulled out a crumpled twenty. I handed it to him and said “I’ll get you the rest when my unemployment check gets here later this week.”

He grumbled and  let out a loud cough which made me wince. He made a crinkled face of displeasure and stomped away. As he went down the hall he banged on random doors and screamed “RENT, NOW.”

I made my way to the lobby and out of the building. As I opened the door I could see that it was an absolutely gorgeous day outside. The birds were chirping, the sky was an amazing deep blue, and surprisingly I wasn’t even hungover.

The air was cool and the sun was shining. The leaves on the few trees on my block were a stunning array of red, green, and yellow.

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I began to walk down my block with a spring in my step taking in deep breaths of crisp autumn air. I couldn’t stop smiling.

In the distance I could see the stoop of my buddy Nick’s apartment. I paused for a moment and  thought how about a little beer and breakfast with my good buddy?

He lived in a much nicer apartment building than I did but that didn’t  bother me. We grew up together, and even though he had more money than I did he was just as much a degenerate as I was.

Maybe even more so.

As I got closer I could see all of the little details of the white brick building with its marble trim around all of the large windows and balconies of each apartment.

I stopped in my tracks and stared up at the sun above the extremely tall building. The light blinded me but I didn’t care.

I just stood there and stared directly into the light and thought fuck you.

“Good morning sir” said the door man.

“Good morning George” I replied.

“Here to see sir Nicholas?” said the doorman.

“Why yes George, yes I am.”

“Fine sir” he said, “Come on in.”

As I entered I slipped a crumpled dollar bill into George’s pocket . I don’t think he was all that impressed but I didn’t care.

In the lobby I smiled at everyone I saw as I sauntered through like I owned the place. “Good morning” I said to everyone as I passed.

They looked disgusted at my attire but I didn’t care.

I walked right up to the gold trimmed elevator and stepped inside. The elevator attendant who was dressed in a pristine red uniform with large golden buttons asked “what floor sir?”

“Fourteen my good man” I replied.

“Are you sure that is where you want to go?” he asked. Before I could reply the elevator went black with a resounding boom.

“Hello?” I said.

No answer.

There was a strange metallic sound coming from above me followed by a loud snap. Then falling. Falling fast.

Sparks flew from the sides of the elevator as it stretched downward at a blister speed. Flashes of light and sound heightened the madness as I began to lose my shit.

The elevator attendant was nowhere in sight.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m going to die, shit!

Quick bursts of images flashed before me which were at first blurry, then became clear.

Images of the man in black standing in the corner of the elevator. Images of the man in white in the opposite corner. Then images of the bushy browed man standing mere inches from my face smirking and staring into my eyes.

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Guess I was going down. Guess I was always going down  I thought to myself. Then blackness, then silence, then nothing.


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