1502688_1496532530625075_6385486664146281342_oA little over a year ago Immortal Alexander and I produced a horror web-series called Haunting Light for our Haunting TV YouTube channel.

And at the time of it’s release this blog didn’t really exist yet, and it’s taken me this long to realize I haven’t flippin’ shared my web-series with you guys yet!

Terrible oversight, my bad. Because really, I’d love for you guys to see this and let me know what you think.

A Little Back Story

Haunting Light was our first attempt at producing our own project. We did things totally backwards in a lot of ways but we put a lot of love, blood sweat and tears into creating this.

Blood went in a little more often than it should have been perhaps… especially on this episode…. but I’ll come back to that.

Fun Fact: I actually made this prop myself, and it really lit up! The gem was made out of hot glue.

Alexander wrote the scripts and directed, I did the production design and we both called in a lot of friends to help us out. And I’m so incredibly grateful for everything everyone put into making this.

Episode 1

I have a  fun story to share with you after you watch the episode, until then here’s And So It Begins

Now for the Horror Behind the Scenes 😉

I find it really difficult to watch anything I’ve worked on, because I always see the film through the blurred lens of  the behind the scenes experience.

Like when the mermaid is crawling out of the lake?

I was wading in the luke warm mud of the lake bed just off screen to make sure Kendall (our actress) wouldn’t drown.

Which, given that her legs were superglued into that fin of hers? It felt like a very likely danger to me.

She never needed me, and crawled up that hill over and over using only her arms and then  picked up and dragged back into the mud on the lake shore.

When we were finally able to leave the lake I came out covered in… you guessed it


Your Name

That freaked me right the heck out, and thank goodness for my friends on set (Susan, Kara, I’m looking at you guys) who helped me peel them off of me.

For the record, don’t peel leeches off. It’ll tear chunk right out of you. I still have a scar or two to mark the occasion… Burn them off with a lighter or sprinkle them with salt. :/

Do you have a hard time revisiting old work you’ve created? Or maybe you too have had the unpleasant experience of walking out of a lake discovering you’ve turned into several somebody’s dinner?

2 thoughts

  1. Oh, yeah! I really like Haunting Light …. and it’s neat to learn some behind-the-scenes stuff: the leeches are unpleasant, but make for fine story telling.

    When I revisit older works I’ve done, I don’t have a problem with them, but I do see where my skills have grown (or not) and I’m often compelled to re-do them.

    When I was about 12, I was standing on this rock on the shore of the pond on the family farm when the rock began to move. I jumped off the biggest snapping turtle I ever saw and have ever seen. We swam in that pond, which was probably not a good idea, as it was also home to numerous snakes, many likely poisonous. However, they just stayed on the surface, so when we saw one coming across the water, we just dove under it. The pond wasn’t very deep and bottom dwellers nibbled on my toes more frequently than I liked. I have many stories from that pond …..

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    1. It’s true, the leeches are now one of my favorite stories. Sometimes I wish video were like the written word, in the ability to go back and finesse. That’s part of what I like about art and writing. 🙂

      It sounds like you could write some great stories just from that pond. I don’t v think I would have touched it on account of the snakes. 0.0


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