Waaay back during CT Horrorfest I met Brian LeTendre. We bonded a bit over his podcast and I bought a copy of his book which I’m reviewing today. (finally! Huzzah!!)

Courting the King in Yellow

by Brian LeTendre

courtingthekinginyellowGenre: Lovecraftian Horror, Thriller

Cover Art: Jeff Rogers and Brian LeTendre

Book Description:

“When Melotte Pharmaceutical moved into the struggling city of Springfield, residents saw it as a godsend.

But while the city’s fortunes appear to be turning around, something sinister is brewing within its homeless population.

Four newfound friends stumble onto a horrific plan for the city, and their lives will never be the same again. Because on Halloween night, a new horror will be coming to Springfield, and they are the only ones who can stop it.” [amazon.com]

The Characters

Yellow SignThe introduction to the characters were the only element to this book that felt a little weak. The core group of 4 characters start off a little too strong a little too fast as far as their relationships go.

They felt more like a group of friends who had a long standing bond with each other than a freshly pressed group.

That being said, once you get past the initial rush of introductions, I ended up really liking the characters. I felt for them as their worlds unraveled and things went from bad to unspeakably worse.


This book was jammed-packed full of action.

It kept a breathless pace that made it almost impossible to set down. I practically growled at Immortal Alexander when I was in the last act of the book and he tried to get my attention for something.

Courting the King in Yellow

Memorable Moments

There’s one moment in this book that haunts me (in a good way, of course).

There’s an incredibly gruesome crime that takes place, and you  see it just before it happens, and then pieced together through again later. The way it’s revealed will stick with you because of the tension leading up to the gut-punching gore.

Mad Props Mr. LeTendre

Mad props to Brian LeTendre, seriously. This was a NaNoWriMo book, and he self published it. NaNoWriMo is a total challenge all on it’s own. Add self publishing to the process and…  well, I’m impressed. And more than a little inspired.

Also, I read the dead-tree version of this. It’s a damn sexy book to hold. #justsaying.


5 out of 5 blood spattered stars. If you like stories in the Lovecraft universe, and conspiracies with murder and mystery, you’re going to enjoy reading this.

Tear into your very own copy

Amazon ∇ Kobo ∇ DriveThruRPG

About the Brian LeTendre

Brian LeTendreBrian is a gaming, comics and horror lover, Brian has co-hosted and produced a podcast about geek culture called Secret Identity since 2006, producing well over 1000 hours of programming. He also hosts and produces three other podcasts about writing (See Brian Write), design and small business (Kitbash Radio) and gaming (Co-Op Critics).

In addition to podcasting, Brian has worked as a freelance games journalist, and currently writes a webcomic called Mo Stache, which can be read for free online and will be collected in print in 2015.

Brian lives and works in Massachusetts

Connect with Brian

Website ∇ Twitter ∇ See Brian Write Podcast ∇ Secret Identity Podcast ∇ Co-op Critics podcast and blog

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