What’s more cheerful than a comic about Dracula being hunted down on Christmas Eve?

Uh… I actually don’t have an answer for that.

So let’s just go back to the pages of Marvel Comics in 1976:

The Tomb of Dracula

Lord of Vampires:  issue 54

20151216_151758Written by: Marv Wolfman

Artists: Gene Colan and Tom Palmer

Publisher: Marvel Comics Group

Publish Date: 1976

1 Sentence Plot Synopsis:

It’s Christmas Eve and Dracula’s son is going to be born unless Rachel Van Helsing and her gang is able to take him out.


Ok, first off, I totally sympathized with Dracula. Poor guy is just trying to protect his wife and unborn son from a group of murderous college kids and the leader of a satanic cult.

I’d totally smack some *itches myself. Don’t mess with my family.


The characters in the comic are fun surface-layer characters. Bad-ass Buffy type vs. the big bad Dracula, who actually just wants to protect his family on Christmas Eve.

And by saying that I realize I’ve been spoiled rotten by comics with just as much depth and honesty to their characters as great novels.

But hey, we all have our own tastes.

Also, I’m probably missing a lot by jumping in on the Christmas special… Hmm… I wonder if there’s an omnibus version…

Memorable moments

I really enjoyed how this story twisted the birth of Jesus into a delightful action-filled adventure with satanists and vampires.

The star guiding the three wisemen, the birth in a manger, and other elements tie the two stories together, and made it a lot of fun to read.


King Kong Ad: Inside front cover

It’s a fun slice of comic book history with some great artwork and a delightfully blasphemous twist on the Christian Christmas story.

But is it going to knock your stockings off so hard that you need to thrown oodles of money at your computer screen to track a copy down?


4 out of 5 blood spattered stars.

Unless, of course, you’re a big fan of Marv Wolfman.

Then, you should go for it 🙂 Because he’s a total comic rock star. (Teen titans, Guardians of the Galaxy, Blade, and so many more fantastic series under his belt.)

Closing thoughts

This was a fun way to bring in Christmas Eve and as I nestle in with my niece to watch The Grinch tonight, know that I’m sending all of you warm wishes as well. ❤



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