Hello my delightfully dark friends.

I have a couple presents for you!

Well, more accurately The Wicked Library, The Lift and I have presents for you. 🙂



You know those adult coloring books that are all over the place? Well, I made a few line-art free downloads for you guys.

If you follow this link: Happy Horror-Days it will bring you to a google drive folder I filled with things you can print out and scribble on. Or, you can just save the jpeg and use your smart phone to color it in.

Either way, you’re wonderful and I’m sending you all the horror made hugs.

Here’s what you’ll find as jpegs and printer friendly pages:

And while you’re lounging and coloring I recommend giving the holiday specials for the podcasts a listen:

The Wicked Library:


The annual Xmas Special where short stories abound in snow covered fields of creepy.

The Lift:

Three Tweleve Noel 

Victoria helps a veteran of WWII come to terms with his guilt at Christmas time.

free download copy

Happy Horror-Days my fiendish friends ❤

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