Happy New Year!! Hello my friends and thank you all so much for joining me on this hazy day!

If you need a quick horror fix, here’s Tim Burton’s short animated film Vincent:

Still with me?

Beautiful ❤

vincent6Now for some thoughts about content and projects for the upcoming year.

I have a bunch planned for 2016, and then a lot of wiggle room… honestly, who knows what this year will bring? But based  on what I can personally accomplish, here’s my plan.

In my own efforts I’ll be focusing more on my short story writing and artwork with the intention of selling them to publications. I’m also hoping to do more commissions. So a page of prices etc. will be up before the end of the month!

Topics I’d like to explore:

Horror Made Resources

Tim Burton and Vincent Price

This is kind of a big topic, but some of the post thoughts I have for this are:

  1. How to survive a horror convention
  2. Horror Home Decor from DIY to top shelf
  3. ALL of the best horror podcasts, broken down by subject
    1. movie reviews
    2. comics and geekery
    3. paranormal
    4. history
    5. cryptids
    6. more storytelling podcasts 😉



  1. Books
  2. Comics
  3. Movies

Poetry and Artvincent7

  1. Horror Haikuesday will continue on every Tuesday
  2. Artist and Poet spotlights/interviews
  3. Maker’s Musings
    1. Tips and Tools for visual artists
    2. Drawing
    3. painting
    4. sculpting etc.
    5. Generally sharing some of what I know artistically speaking.



I’m still kind of figuring out what the video content for Horror Made will be, but here are some of the things that I’m currently editing:

  1. Interviews from Rock and Shock 2015
    1. (my laptop motherboard crossed to the other side, so those have taken a lot longer to complete than anticipated)
  2. Speed painting/drawing videos
    1. similar to the ones I’ve been doing, except I’m going to put more effort and detail into the artwork so it’s a little more interesting to watch.
  3. Morbid Misadventures with Kristina Kiraly
    1. Visiting haunted and historically horrific locations with Kirstina

Fantasy and Sci-Fi

vincent2As I mentioned in a particularly geeky post a little ways back, I want to bring more dragons and cyborgs to this blog, so at least bi-weekly,I’ll add a genre stretch post.



Things like:

  1. podcast spotlights
  2. artist and author interviews
  3. Geek rants
  4. animated short films

Additional Topics

vincentgifOnce a moth I want to add to these topic focuses:

  1. Disturbing Destinations
    1. Historic Horror
    2. Haunted places and where to find them
    3. The bizarre and macabre places the world has to offer
  2. Creature Codex
    1. a post by post illustrated guide to the world’s monsters, creatures and cryptids.

Let me know

If there’s anything in particular you’d like me to explore or investigate, let me know! I’ll happily add it to my list.

And without further ado, I wish you a a marvelous January 1st.

vincent 4



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