Happy 1st Horror Haikuesday of the 2016 my deviously delightful friends!

The artwork today is not entirely up to snuff (Crimson and Ever In-wards actually used some *le gasp* clip art!) because I lost my equivalent of Russian Rulette this weekend… Dinner parties.

You see, I have a terrible egg allergy and I ate something with a bunch in it on Sunday which left me… well… one eyed and without full motion in my drawing hand until my skin calms down away… I hope you like what I was able to create anyway.

But enough moaning, that’s for zombies to do anyway.

Here today’s Haiku written by Patrick Rahall.

Day Care

I hate these children!

all they do is cry, whine and

Beg to be set free.




If you’d like to see your horror haiku or 2 sentence story featured here next week, tweet #horrorhaikuesday or leave me a comment here.

I hope you have a fantastic day! I’m goingto go hide in a benadrly haze for a little while longer…

5 thoughts

  1. Don’t feel bad about the artwork. It’s still lovely. Just think how it is for us non-artist types. The difference between our best and worst artwork is the difference between a regular blob and an irregular one. You give far more style to clip art than I could hope to, and I’m all that much more impressed that you’re still able to put out art-ify three people’s words while sick, with nothing but passion to motivate you.

    Also, thanks for correcting the typo in my poem. It always makes me feel dumb when I notice something like that later on.

    Compliments to Patrick on this week’s lead haiku. It packs a punch.

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    1. Thank you so much Edward. I really look forward to haikuesdays and to not bring my A-game was bumming me out. But you made me feel a ton better. And you’re welcome on the edit. It’s easy to miss things. I find new goofs everytime I revisit old posts.


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