Hello my friends!

Today I have an Ambush interview that Kristina and I did while at Rock and Shock 2015, that I’m very excited to share with you.

Artmuffin Ambush Interview

Art Muffin, aka Christopher Gendron, is an incredible artist who creates art that walks the line between dreams, science, and arcane nightmares torn right out of a necronomicon.

Here’s the interview in video form followed by all of the extra links and goodies. Enjoy 🙂

And I do recommend you check out Art Muffin’s website, he has some really incredible work posted up there.

Here’s all the loverly links you’ll need to find Artmuffin and Monster Wash Soap:

Artmuffin Main Website ∇ Monster Wash Soap

Facebook ∇  Twitter

christophergendron art muffin

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