You guys freakin’ rocked out horror haikuesday last week!

There was some pretty fantastic wordsmithing going on and it was a really difficult to choose 2 pieces to illustrate along with the featured Haiku.  So here’s this week’s

Horror Haikuesday

‡ ——- ‡

From the Horror Made resident poet, Patrick Rahall we have:



We all drew straws.

I got the short one and ran.

They caught and ate me.

‡ ——- ‡


Next is a Haiku submitted on Twitter from A.F. Stewart:



‡ ——- ‡


And  the final haiku selection from last week’s twitterverse submissions is from Ruth Long:

scifi ophelia3


‡ ——- ‡


This Week’s Honorable Mentions:

‡ ——- ‡


‡ ——- ‡


Next Week:

If you’d like to have the chance to see your words featured here, use #horrorhaikuesday on twitter, or leave me a comment here with a two sentence horror story or horror haiku.

I choose 2 poems every week to create artwork for.

Oh! And, if your poem gets artwork attached to it, feel free to use the image wherever you’d like.


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