nightmareI often look around my house and love the elements of my horror fandom that are clustered on the walls but wish I could express myself in a more…. grown-up and stylish way.

Am I the only one with this issue?

I don’t know, but I went on a room design Pinterest binge based on the Nightmare Before Christmas and I figured I’d share my thoughts, just in case someone other than me finds it’s interesting or helpful.

Oogie Boogie Living Room


For a living room I’d paint the walls purple and white and make sure to have some accent lighting in blues, ambers, or purples built-in at strategic moments, like glowing behind the book-shelves or the clock.

1 OogieBoogie Livingroom copy

Here’s the links I found for the items shown:

  1. Green and Black Bookshelves – this was a DIY discussion/example from
  2. Framed Bugs – The photo was originally pinned from and she was talking about the framed bugs she found on Bug Under Glass
  3. Oogie’s Dice candlesEbay
  4. Tree and glass coffee table – image from the table was made by Sebastian Errazuriz, he has some beautiful stuff, btw
  5. Oogie Boogie book page art – it was originally from etsy, but it’s been sold, so I’d recommend tearing a page out of an old dictionary and printing it. DIY to the rescue!
  6. Vintage green clock – was from happydayvintage, but it’s no longer available. I’d recommend a can of metal-friendly green spray paint and an old clock from ebay.
  7. Black Leather Sofa
  8. Black and White striped
  9. Oogie Boogie Grin PillowCanisPicta
  10. Striped wing chairs – originally from


Dr Finklestein Kitchen


For the kitchen, It’d be fun to give it a little flair from Dr. Finklestein’s laboratory, with grey and toxic green accents on the walls. I figured an industrial mix of wood and metal would tie it all together.


1 drkitchen2

Here’s the links for these items:

  1. Color and Spikes mug set – from Symmetrical Pottery
  2. Example of Industrial Piping Shelves from Design Dining Diapers
  3. Jack
  4. Sally Mug –
  5. Deadly Nightshade jar set – Here’s the DIY tutorial
  6. Steam punk light switch the 3D printer plans are available through this site
  7. Recipe book Stand – No longer available, but it was originally posted on – I’ll let you know when I find something similar
  8. Oil and Vinegar Apothecary green bottles – The image was originally pinned from but I wasn’t able to find this exact item for sale… yet *eyebrow raise*
  9. Jack Skellington Hand TowelDesigns by Sugarbear

Jack and Sally Bedroom


The bedroom is the easiest place to get overly excited about Jack Skellington throw pillows and lamps and bedspreads and… well, you get the idea. So I tried to find some elements that went that direction, but didn’t over-do it.

1 nightmareroom2a copy


Here’s where I found the items in the collage:

  1. Ornate Purple Mirror – Secret Window Mirrors
  2. Glass bat votive candle holders – These were a limited edition design from, I think a crafty person could wire up something from things found at the craft store, or something like this or this is similar
  3. Jack and Sally Silhouette – from willpigg
  4. Amethyst Crystal Ball – was from Etsy – GrayVervain
  5. Jack Skellington Dresser – As far as I could find it was just a thought from Pinterest, but a black dresser and white knobs with some sharpie faces could do the trick.
  6. Striped Dresser –
  7. Sally Pillow – CanisPicta
  8. Jack Pillow – CanisPicta
  9. Zero Pillow – CanisPicta
  10. Bedroom Set – the Pinterest demons ate it

More Horror Made Decorating

Horror Home DecorI’m planning on doing some more horror home decor posts in the future. I’ve got some ideas for Rockabilly style Classic Monsters,  Alfred Hitchcock, Walking Dead, and Alien Themed rooms.

Are there any fandoms you’d like me to take a crack at?

Let me know by leaving me a comment below with your ideas.






5 thoughts

  1. There are some great ideas in this post!

    My wife is not so much a horror fan, so decor indulgences around the house in that genre are rather subdued. What I started to do lately is cluster common-place knick-knacks in little places, but mix the unexpected in. Some ordinary decorative jars on a shelf, one casually containing a brain, etc. …. What I try to do is create a display that at first glance seems “normal’, but causes a visitor to do a double-take and wonder. This seems to entertain my cravings in ways that don’t irritate her …. always an important compromise in a marriage.


    1. It can be really challenging to balance the aesthetics of two halfs of a couple. My husband has a big collection of action figures and collectables while my knick knacks tends to be books and too many paintings. I try to have both out and about in the apartment. Our bedroom has a gallery wall with swords on display right next to my figure drawings. It keeps things more fun. I do love the idea of wandering around a house and discovering a jarred brain mixed in, btw. 🙂


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