darkladyGood news everyone!

Interviews from Rock and Shock are now making their way out into the world! And I wanted to share this ambush interview Kristina and I did with Lindsay Moore of Hellcat Press.

Here’s the interview and all the details and links you can find below the video in this post.

Thanks for watching!!

Lindsay Moore is the lovely lady we interviewed. She is the editor of the horror anthology comic Dark Lady, and co-founder of Hellcat Press.



Dark Lady is an anthology created by an all female team (authors, artists, and editors) from around the world.

It was published in October 2015 and contains 10 short scary stories with a range of subjects.

Link_Sprite_The_Legend_of_ZeldaYou can find a copy to purchase over by following this LINK.

Connect with Lindsay

Website ∇ Twitter ∇ Facebook


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