Hello Folks! Today we’re chatting with one of my fellow horror bloggers and indie film makers, John H. Shelton from Mr Shelton TVjohn shelton
John Shelton is an indie film extra, blogger, YouTuber and Vlogger from the UK. He kicks ass when it comes to social media and, in fact, it was through our various interactions across multiple platforms that brought this conversation up.
Today I wanted to share with you the conversation we had about a collaborative project he put together called, Halloween Creep Tales.
What is fun about this project is John Shelton, Clive McKenzie, Shawn Goremonger, Jason Brown, Bayden “Red” Redshaw and a handful of YouTubers got together to put together an anthology of horror for Halloween.
The film is shot on a micro budget but with a lot of heart and enthusiasm of Youtubers who get a kick out of scaring people. I (John Shelton) shot the wrap around segments and edited it all together for you all to enjoy. [mrsheltontv.blogspot.com]

The Interview

Jeanette Andromeda (JA) – What inspired you to create Halloween Creep Tales?

John Shelton (JS) – It was fast approaching Halloween, 2013 at the time! I had been in contact with some young film-makers who jumping at wanting to provide a horror short to get featured. Ever since then,  others have gone onto feature films and their own indie horrors soon to be coming out, soon or in the near future. I guess you could say Tales from the Crypt, or even Tales from the Darkside inspired the concept! An anthology of home-made horror!
 (JA) – What aspect of the short are you most proud of?
John Shelton as the Crimson Creeper
(JS) – I am proud off when people can pull together to make something work. It can go either way in the end. Some shorts were better presented than others I admit because of time and budgets, but I enjoyed the process of introducing the anthology as a character.
(The Crimson Creeper seen on Left)
 (JA) – What is one of the biggest lessons you learned while creating Halloween Creep  Tales?
(JS) – Biggest lesson? Hmm, probably not to rush things in future? I just want to wish everybody good luck on their future productions, post-Halloween Creep Tales and hoped that they enjoyed the experience.
(For Example) Aside: After working on Halloween Creep Tales Jason Brown has gone on to to writing for films like A Date with Ghosts and Dark Vale.
(JA) –  Can you tell me a little bit more about the process of making Halloween Creep? Did you work each part with different groups? Did you film a chunk at a time, or all at once? What kind of thoughts went into the script writing etc.

(JS) – I worked with different groups you could say… I’ll be honest, I worked very quick on my own for the wraparound sections with just ideas! Everybody else as far as I know worked off their own ideas and self-scripts. It was very guerrilla and put together that way. I praise everybody who did work from a script as they had their own ideas, originally.

(JA) –  Very cool! After working on this style project, would you do it again?

(JS) – I would do it again as a possible feature, touch wood with the right concept and outlook. I would like to step it up and prepare better next time in future?
maxresdefault (1)

 (JA) –  What did you like best about the collaboration?
(JS) –  The best thing was to see the short and shorts come together! I have friend film makers and they really helped to make it happen, so Thank You: Bayden Redshaw, Clive McKeznie, Andrea Ricca, Racheal West and cast and crew!
And for your viewing pleasure, here’s Halloween Creep Tales:
John, Thank you much for sharing some of your experience in creating this anthology!
Check out more of John’s writing vlogging and film adventures on his blog: mrsheltontv.blogspot.co.uk and his website: officialmrsheltontv.weebly.com.
Connect with John:
Website ∇ YouTube ∇  Facebook ∇  Google+ ∇ IMDB
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