Welcome my wonderful horror fiends and happy horror haikuesday! Today we have a delightful assortment of devilish word-smithing to peruse. So let’s hop on in.

First up, is a poem from our Horror Made resident poet, Patrick Rahall:


I scratch, desperate.

My fingers bleed, my nails break.

My coffin is dark.

clawing out

And out of the numerous, delightful and fantastic #horrorhaikuesday submissions here are this week’s two  illustrations.

The first is from Michelle Parker:

tentacle book

Next up, I saw that Andy Van Scoyoc and Nano Horror spun some striking images off of each other’s poems, so I wanted to do an illustration that played along that vein. (Very fun work guys!)

Although this first one isn’t quite a haiku ( missing a few syllables in the second and third lines) but I still really like it as a micro poem.



3 thoughts

  1. Nice work as always.

    I wouldn’t worry too much if a submission is “missing syllables.” While traditional American haiku are strictly 5-7-5, my understanding is that that’s a rough approximation of the measure of Japanese haiku, which usually convey less information. There’s definitely a school of American haiku-writing that just aims for any brief poetic image conveyed in three lines.

    Besides, if we wanted to be real purists, each poem would have to have a seasonal signal word in its first line, like “snow” or “moon” or “blossoms.”


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