NE horror writers ambush Interview

Huzzah!!! This next ambush interview was a beast to edit since Kristina and I ended up interviewing 8 members of the New England Horror Writer’s Association all at once. It was a lot of fun talking to all of them.

Here’s the video and if you scroll down past it I’ve added links on how to reach and read the work of each author.


New England Horror Writers:

Rock and Shock:

The hosts were Kristina Kiraly and myself, Jeanette Andromeda. Day 2’s video recording was done by Immortal Alexander.

Authors – By Order of Appearance


Website ∇ Facebook

The Books

Bigfoot Wars: Redneck Apocalypse, Summerlands, Wicked Tales

Trisha Wooldridge

Website ∇ Facebook ∇@NovelFriendAmazon Author Page

The Books

The Kelpie, The Earl’s Childe, Silent Starsong, Mirror of Hearts, Aurelio

Jan Kozlowski

Website ∇ Facebook ∇ @JanKozlowski ∇ Amazon Author Page

The Books

Die You Bastard! Die!

Scott T. Goudsward

Website ∇ Facebook ∇ @scottgoudswardAmazon Author Page

The Books

Horror Guide to Massachusetts, Trailer Trash, The Dark Rites or Cthulhu, Horror Guide to Florida, Snow Bound: Zombies Tales of the Supernatural, Once Upon and Apocalypse, Atomic Age Cthulhu

Rob Smales

Website ∇ Facebook ∇ @RobSmales ∇ Amazon Author Page

The Books

The Ghost is the Machine, Dangers Untold, Zombies need love too, Insanity Tales IIDead of Winter

Jack Haringa

Shirley Jackson Awards

The Book: Mister October

Matthew M. Bartlett

Website ∇ Amazon Author Page

The Books

Gateways to Abomination, Rangel, A Witch Cult in Western Massachusetts, Rare book and Ephemera Catalogue

J. H. Curry

Website ∇ Amazon Author Page

The Books

Brothers Huxten, Normal Collection

Thank you guys for visiting! I hope you all have found some cool new books to check out. ^.^


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