I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Matt Sumo, the author of today’s comic, Dedication. I sat in on his panel about zombies in comics at the CT Horrorfest and chatted with him for a bit afterwards.

And after hearing more about what this story and Double Take comics as a company was creating I was incredibly excited to read this series.

map 1The comic I’m reviewing today is one slice of a connected universe of comics. Literally, they have a map for where each story takes place as you can see on the Right –>

I’ve only read Dedication so far, but I’ll be visiting the rest of universe soon. Which is actually pretty easy because, as of right now, all of the issue 1 comics are available to read for free on doubletakeuniverse.com

So I’ll be bringing you my thoughts on the whole collection once I get the chance to check them out.

For today, I’m bringing you my thoughts on:

Dedication – Issue #1 – Dead Stock

dedication1 Dead stockWritten by: Matthew Summo, Michael Coast, Bill Jemas, Mike Soviero

Layouts: Young Heller, JJ Dzialowski

Pencils: Young Heller, JJ Dzialowski

Colors: Leonardo Paciarotti

Inks: Leonardo Paciarotti, Alejandro Sicat

Editor and Letters: Caroline Flanagan

Genre: Zombie Apocalypse Horror

Publisher: Double Take

Cover Art: Ruiz Burgos

1 Sentence Synopsis

The first ripples of of a zombie outbreak are seen in the quite aisles of a grocery store.


This is an enticing start to the series. Little crumbs of relationships are begun with the characters inside of the grocery store as the zombie outbreak is hinted at through TV and radio broadcasts and the people breaking into the store.

The outbreak itself, is subtle. You know where it’s heading, but nothing has quite hit the fan… yet.dedication 3

The zombies aren’t rotting corpses wandering around, but are regular looking people acting bizarrely. One moment that made me laugh was, after a herd of people break into the grocery store, they start randomly munching on things. Things like feather dusters and the cardboard part of cereal boxes.

The Art:

The most enticing part of this comic is the artwork. The store itself is vibrant and detailed. And the characters draw you in with their spot-on expressions.

A Promising Start

It’s a strong start visually and an enticing start story-wise. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the other stories in the universe connect and where this particular plot-line ends up going.


4.5 out of 5 blood spattered stars.  Onwards! To read the next!!

4.5 star zombie


Find a Copy

Amazon ∇  Comixology <– issue 1 is free here

About the Double Take Comics

medic cover 1If you’d like to know more about the people behind this comic, I recommend you check out the bio section over on the main site.

From their “about” section on Doubletakeuniverse.com:

Double Take (2T) is launching a new comic book universe. We have assembled ten teams of talented storytellers. Each team is creating an original series. All of those series are set in 2T’s new universe: some of them share characters; some of them have words like f#$%@!; one has full frontal nudity. 2T will publish the 1st issues of our 1st 10 series in one big bang on September 16, then publish the next 10 in a second big bang in 2016. [doubletakeuniverse.com]

Connect with the Creatorssoul cover 1

Website ∇ Facebook ∇ Twitter ∇ Tumblr

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