Horror Home Decor TWDI’ve been having way too much fun scrolling around Pinterest dreaming of redecorating.  Apparently my daydreams of a Nightmare Before Christmas home weren’t enough 😉 Today’s binge was based around the Walking Dead.

How can you capture the essence of the show/comic without having a pile of Walking Dead Collectibles in every corner?

Here are my thoughts on

How to be a Chic Walking Dead Fan


I found myself drawn to a rustic style in a very controlled grey-scale palette with some splashes of red for accents.

The Bedroom

Walking Dead Bedroom

Reclaimed wood headboard, Rusty Bio-Hazard ClockDead/Undead light switch plateFramed Terminus MapRed LampZombie Attack Sheets

The Bathroom

walkingdead bathroom

Plexiglass, stone, and LED floor, The Walking Dead framed prints, Shabby chic medicine cabinet (although I would add red towels and add a couple stone or glass skulls in there.) Bone soap dish set.

The Living Room

walkingdead livingroom

Contemporary Living room style, The Walking Dead comic book page table (DIY with some comics and modge-podge), Daryl plush pillow, Red and black candles, Zombie plush pillow.

aeaa723b78d37173d34425fa6b2bd63a I really like the idea of printing out the cover art from the comic reeeeaaaall big and then framing them for the living room.

The Kitchen

WalkingDead kitchen

Industrial pipe lamp, The Walking Dead framed cross stitch, Ceramic Brain Bowls, Zombie hand wine glasses, Re-Purposed shutter kitchen island, mason jar succulents on reclaimed wood


And just because I thought they were cool:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of this loveliness (and more) can be found on my zombie home decor Pinterest board. Pop on by and say hello 🙂

6 thoughts

  1. There’s some groovy ideas in there …. I think I may build the bookshelves (if I can convince my wife) and I KNOW she’ll go for the mason jar succulents …..

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      1. Shortly after I posted my comment, I emailed a link to a picture of the shelves to my wife, adding “I want to build these shelves….” to which she replied “I guess you want me to move out… Sad face.” (which got an LOL from me)

        So, I guess the shelves are a no-go, but she does like the mason jar succulents idea 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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