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Another hello from Rock and Shock 2015. This time I met the most incredible activist you’ll ever meet, and you could probably hold her in just one hand.

Juno, is a chihuahua and helps make a difference in the world with the assistance of her mom Debora Young.

I had a hard time editing together this video because the lighting was florescent and dreadful with audio that was not too far behind it. But it was such an interesting conversation that I still wanted to share it with you guys.

And since I have this lovely blog with the wonder that is the written word, I figured I can do a post an fill in some of the details that got a little lost in the background noise when we recorded. (Next time, I want one of those wireless mics. Like newscasters use. That’s be so cool. *sigh* upgrading daydreams.)

Anywhoo, here’s the video interview:

And her is a little more about all of the organizations Juno and Debora volunteer for:

Juno’s Place

Juno’s Place is the Facebook page and organization that where you can find out what Juno is up to and how you can help.

For more, check out the Facebook page.



About Paws to Read from their website:

ptrLogoPaws to Read is a very simple concept: Children read to dogs. The dogs listen and don’t tease, laugh, or judge the child.

Through Paws to Read, we have created a positive, nonthreatening, fun environment for Flagstaff children in both the classroom and public library setting. Paws to Read began in 2002 and has helped improve the literacy skills of many Flagstaff children.

Paws to Read pairs Delta-registered therapy dogs and their handlers with young readers in schools and library environments. Warm brown eyes and doggy grins make all the difference to children’s reading experiences. Our dogs love to be read to! Many children in the Flagstaff community have already benefited from the program and the opportunity to read to such non-critical, caring listeners! Currently there are Paws to Read teams in Flagstaff public schools, local charter schools, and the summer reading programs at the main and east-side public libraries.

Here’s their Website if you’d like to learn more: www.pawstoread-flagstaff.org

Paws to Read dogs Gizmo from Gizmo’s Frens and Juno from Juno’s Place working the crowd at Hartford Public Library’s Summer Learning Kickoff.

Posted by Juno’s Place on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sweetpea Friends Animal Shelter

Sweetpea For Animals is a nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue organization. We take in animals who are bruin-neckerchief-768x956on “death row” at other shelters, or whose owners can’t keep them but don’t want to surrender them to a kill shelter. We rely on donations, plus any revenue raised from boarding dogs and cats at our kennels, to run our animal rescue.

In November of 2015 the entire shelter was lost in a tragic fire and now they are rebuilding. Juno and Debora have been helping them raise funds to bring it back.

If you’d like to learn more, or help out, here’s their site: www.sweetpeafora.org


Who They Are 

A cause driven, lifestyle brand that values the human-animal bond and lives by the “Pay It Forward”philosophy – doing random acts of kindness without expecting anything in return.

pawitforwardlogoTheir Mission

To celebrate great dogs who are changing the world!  And, to spread the Paw It Forward message through their stories, add momentum to the existing movement, and have a positive influence and impact on everyone engaged with the company and our brands.

Their Purpose

  • We Tell Their Stories. Unique stories of great dogs changing the world through their unconditional love, heroic actions, and powerful inspiration.

  • We Connect Your Heart.  Each dog’s heart and soul will warm yours with extraordinary joy.

  • Together, We Support Their Causes. 10% of all net profits support the specific causes of each individual dog or merchandise collection.

Here’s their website for more info: www.pawitforward.net

Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog

holliston_cesh_small_vested_down_whiteOur mission is to support Massachusetts Police dogs by helping provide bulletproof vests (our primary goal), essential equipment, training, and purchase of dogs for police / law enforcement K-9 programs throughout Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog, Inc.For more check out: www.mavestadog.org

Kane’s Krusade

kaneskrusadeOur families are the elderly, unemployed, disabled, veterans and/or single moms.  All are living on a fixed income struggling to feed themselves and their families. They love their dogs. Their dogs are family.

We work in the most underserved neighborhoods in Western MA. These neighborhoods are known as “pet care deserts”.  Dog owners have no access to veterinarians.  They are no pet food stores such as Petco or Petsmart.  Often there aren’t even grocery stores.  Providing proper nutrition and preventative care, let alone emergency care, is practically impossible.  Most of the junokaneditfamilies we work with do not have cars.  When their dog gets sick, they cannot bring them to a vet in a taxi or on a bus, even if they could afford it.  Most of our families do not have computers or even smartphones.  We serve dog owners who nobody else is reaching.  These are the dogs and the owners who are falling through the cracks.  We go right into their homes, bringing resources, information and opportunity where they live, removing barriers.  We form long lasting relationships of good will and trust.  We are building a new kind of community – a community built on common ground, respect, kindness and compassionate action.

Visit here for more about Kane’s Krusade: www.kaneskrusade.org

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