Last week we had part 1 of Lost, so if you missed it, click here to read the first section of the story.

Also, reader beware: there are descriptions of graphic gore contained int he story below.


Lost -Part II

—— by Immortal Alexander ——

I scanned my surroundings and spotted four solid rectangular shapes in the room. As my muscles regained some strength I eased myself from the floor steadying my balance as I did so.

There were four bright lights. Each shining on one of the four rectangular shapes that looked like tables of some kind. On each table was something different.

The first had the rabbit I had been carrying. It stood there motionless and stared forward blankly.

On the second table were four silver bowls. The first bowl had what looked like two rabbit gifeyeballeyes that were moving as if they still lived. The shocked made me fall backwards and nearly throw up. After taking a few deep breaths and gathering my courage I stood up and examined the rest of the bowls. The second bowl contained what looked like rabbit innards. They were still wiggling. The third contained what looked like a rabbit brain which throbbed and pulsed. The fourth was just some rabbit fur. It was a little wet and bloody but it also moved slightly as if it was looking for something to grab onto.

I moved my gaze onto the next table where a nude man who looked about 20 years old laid motionless. He seemed awake but he would not look anywhere but up, only blinking occasionally. I whispered to him “Hello. Can you move? Do you need some help?”

No response.

The last table had a dissected man placed in six much larger silver bowls. Bones, flesh, brains, eyes, innards, and skin. Each in their own separate bowl yet still alive. I felt a shiver run down my spine as I stared at his eyes and they stared back at me.

Just then I heard a deep low humming sound. It felt like someone or something was coming. I did my best to hide behind the table of the dissected man. I made myself very small and slowed my breathing to tiny little breaths. My heart was beating out of my chest and I could feel a presence enter but I did not hear footsteps. It felt like something large. I could feel it settle near what I presumed was the second table. I decided to peer over the top of the table to see what it was.

I lightly touched the table to steady my movement and slowly raised my sight so that the top of the table came into view. I raised my gaze and saw what I can only describe as a mass of light with protruding appendages and two bright spots of light for eyes. I hand to hold my breath to prevent myself from screaming. The mass of light touched the dissected rabbit by sprouting little fingers of light from its lumpy appendages. They prodded and poked the contents of the four silver bowls. A deep booming voice rang out causing my ears to throb and my vision to blur.

“Hmmmm” It said. “I believe I can do better.” “This creature is not yet perfect.” “It needs something… more.” Without looking it reached over to the table with the still living man. I ducked down quickly and quietly to keep from being seen or heard.

My heart raced and my hands were sweating. “Shit, what now” I thought to myself. I could feel the mass of light turn and look in my direction. I don’t know how, but I could feel its gaze piercing the table and looking right at me. The rabbit saw an opportunity. It leapt from the table and raced toward a white disk at the far end of the room. Then fwoosh! It disappeared. My heart raced. Was it dead? Then I felt the entity’s eyes fixating on the white disk where the rabbit had disappeared. I didn’t want to end up in pieces twitching in some silver bowls so I had to act.

The entity was slowly turning its gaze back in my direction. I had to run. I braced my hand on the corner of the table and propelled myself forward like a bullet. I ran harder for that couple of yards than I had in my entire life. Every inch of my completely unfit body ached as I pushed myself faster and faster until FLASH!

I fell right on my face into a muddy pool. My body was absolutely soaked and covered in wet brown earth. I turned my head out of the mud and breathed hard. When I opened my eyes the rabbit was sitting on the edge of the muddy pool staring at me and twitching its little black nose. “Why haven’t you ran off little rabbit?” No reply.


I pushed myself up out of the mud and sat beside the rabbit. “Were you waiting for me” I asked. Still no reply.

“Well I would have waited for you too.” A loud sound of birds flying off rang out in the distance. Then the light came back. It was no longer a thin little beam. It was growing bigger, and bigger, and this time there were two of them. ‘We’re leaving” I told the rabbit in no uncertain terms scooping it up in my arms. I was running again.

This is the most exercise I’ve had in my entire life. My heart was racing and my legs were burning with sharp shooting pains. I felt like I was going to collapse. I could see my house in the distance and I did not want to look back at the beams of light that were getting larger and brighter behind me.


As I exited the woods I started sprinting ever faster toward my home. It was the only house for miles and the only logical place I could hide. I looked back for a brief moment and my heart leapt out of my chest.  It looked like there were two moons in the sky. Each with a focused beam of light that was chasing me at break neck speeds. I tucked my body and rolled around the corner with the bunny safely grasped in my arms. I stopped dead in my tracks and remained motionless as the light enveloped my house with only the tiniest sliver of shade keeping us hidden.

I breathed slowly but my heart raced like a logomotive. I could feel the bunny struggling to run away but I held it tight. After what seemed like forever the light began to dim and recede back into the woods.

Were we safe? Had it finally gone? I didn’t want to wait and find out. I stood up and sprinted for my front door. Luckily my parents kept a spare key under the matt. I fumbled with it for a moment and nervously jammed it into the lock and turned the key. The next few moments were a blurr. Before I knew it I was back in my room with my new fuzzy friend. I peeled off my wet clothes and dried off with an old tee-shirt. After putting on a clean dry pair of pj’s I dried off Mr. rabbit and brought him into bed with me. He seemed to appreciate the warmth of my soft cotton blankets and fell asleep almost immediately.

I was just starting to fall asleep when a beam of light splashed against the back wall. Was it moonlight or something else? Even if it was only moonlight I don’t know if it’s safe. I don’t know if we’ll ever be safe. I had peeked behind the curtain of a great mystery, and I don’t think it wanted anyone to know its secrets.


About Me, Immortal Alexander

alexanderbio picI am currently working on another web series that will be a dark supernatural drama. I am also working on a compilation of Slam Poetry that encompasses my old free association writing and new material. I will be writing many more short stories for the Horror Made blog that I hope to publish in other horror publications as well.

Here’s some of the film work I’ve done:

Writer & Director for “Haunting Light” web series.

Associate Producer (for feature films) – Marathon (drama), Diamond Ruff (action drama) and Cinematographer on Fight Ring.


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