Woah! Jeanette must be pissed!!

Nah, that’s actually the title of today’s book from the Rock and Shock 2015 collection:

Die, You Bastard Die!

die you bastard coverWritten by: Jan Kozlowski

Published: 2012 by Deadite Press

Genre: Rape/Revenge, Splatter Punk, Hardcore Horror

One Sentence Synopsis: After escaping from years and years of abuse, Claire finally comes to home to deal with some unfinished business.

Longer Description:

Claire’s an expert paramedic, devoted to saving lives. Maybe that’s because she spent her childhood in hell. But decades later, when her monstrously abusive father winds up hospitalized, she is offered a chance to make things right. Too bad it doesn’t work out that way.

Instead, Claire is plunged back into a nightmare of pedophiliac torture and unhinged psychosis so deeply fucked that her only hope of survival may lie in becoming a monster herself.

One way or another, this family tradition ends tonight. And blood ain’t but the half of it [amazon.com]

My Thoughts


Umm, how on earth do I talk about this story without spoiling it? *sighs*

There are so many twists and turns, disgusting displays of violence and human depravity that will leave you feeling a little nauseous but mostly … vindicated.

I find splatter punk, in general, to be weirdly fascinating. It’s so violent that I feel like a horrible person for reading it. It’s often so gross that my stomach will churn during some of the more graphic scenes. And yet, when it’s well done, like Die, You Bastard! Die! Every page is worth the torment.

The beauty of this story is in Claire’s endurance of the trauma’s being visited upon her, and how she adapts to react to it. (There’s some seriously fracked up $**t that goes on). And because of her journey as a character an some sort of voodoo writing magic — I actually ended up enjoying this rape/revenge story. Normally stories with this plot device leave me feeling too violated by the end. But this one?  This one knocks you around five ways to Sunday and manages to make the ending feel exactly right.


The Hardcore Violence

At the very end of this post I will add some trigger warnings, because this book is guaranteed to punch you in the face, gut, groin, and nose repeatedly… metaphorically speaking. But triggers reveal spoilers so I’m separating the paragraph a bit.

Kill it! I mean.. Verdict

I could seriously gush over every aspect of this book, but it’s too darn good to ruin by blabbing out all of the details. If you even sort of like splatter punk or stories with Clive Barker’s flair for violence and sexual depravity ,  buy this and read this. It’s a seriously incredible book that is going to take you on a wild ride.

5 out of 5 blood spattered stars.

die you bastard stars

Find a Copy

Die, You Bastard! Die!

About the Author

61ftogtjrl-_uy200_Jan Kozlowski is a freelance writer, editor and researcher. Her first novel DIE, YOU BASTARD! DIE! is now available from Deadite Press.

Jan sold her first story, PSYCHOLOGICAL BACCHANAL to the EWG E-zine in 1997. Her short story, PARTS IS PARTS won awards in both the International Writing Competition sponsored by DarkEcho’s E-zine and Quoth the Raven’s Bad Stephen King contest. Another short story, STUFF IT, was sold to an independent film producer and went into production as a movie short called SWEET GOODBYES. Her short stories appear in HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE: An Anthology of Zombie Romance and FANGBANGERS: An Erotic Anthology of Fangs, Claws, Sex and Love, both edited by Lori Perkins; NECON EBOOKS FLASH FICTION ANTHOLOGY BEST OF 2011 edited by Matt Bechtel & Bob Booth; WEIRD NOIR and NOIR CARNIVAL edited by Kate Laity.

Connect with Jan

@JanKozlowski ♦ www.jankozlowski.com ♦ Pinterest

Trigger Warnings

Child Abuse, molestation, cockroaches O.O



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