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I bought this book a ways back, (last year’s free comic book day I believe) and ever since I picked up my copy I’ve been itching to start reading it. Fiiiinaaaally, I gave in and read this out of my scheduled order. I couldn’t help it, it looked too enticing.

And, yep. Worth it.


Volume 1: We All Fall DownGoners_tp_01

  • Creator/Writer: Jacob Semahn
  • Creator/Artist: Jorge Corona
  • Inker/Letterer: Steve Wands
  • Colorist: Gabriel Cassata
  • Watercolorist: Morgan Beem
  • Editor: Kathleen Mackay

Genre: Action, supernatural, horror

One Sentence Synopsis

The children of Raleigh and Evelyn Latimer  have to take over the family business of fighting the supernatural after a routine case goes horribly wrong.

Longer Description

In a world where the mythic co-exists with the mortal, the world famous Latimer Family has been humanity’s first line of defense against paranormal horrors for centuries.

The modern-day progenitor, Raleigh Latimer and wife, Evelyn Latimer, have turned the family tradition into a profitable brand. Selling life rights and starring in their own reality show, the Latimers have found a way to fund their endeavors against those that would try to overthrow humanity.

But on a routine case, Raleigh and Evelyn are murdered on live television, while their children, Josiah and Zoe, are left helpless to watch. With a widening power vacuum, devils and opportunists alike hunt the ill-prepared children as they set out to solve their parent’s murder and find out what inheriting the family business truly means. [amazon]


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Every aspect of this story is brilliant. From the action-packed plot, to the span of human emotions that the characters progress through, to the drop-undead gorgeous artwork, it’s all incredibly well crafted.

The Artwork

I have to start by geeking out about the artwork in this volume. I was really happy to see that the stunning cover actually matched the style and detail of the meat of the comic. Because that’s totally a pet peeve of mine when it comes to comics. Stunningly beautiful cover art housing stream-lined content.


I understand why. Comics take A LOT of time to create. So to spend extra time on the cover for that wow factor and allow the story to take hold inside makes sense. But whenever I see a book that puts just as much, if not more, effort into the pages in between? I’m head-over-heels for it.

But I digress.

The pages of Goners specifically are vibrantly colored and expertly formatted. Which may sound like an odd thing to pick out, but this is a comic where you will not get lost trying to figure out which panel is supposed to come next. It flows so well with the action that it was like being transported into a film.

Timeless Design done Right

In a lot of modern visual storytelling (comics, film, theater) you’ll see a mix of old fashioned clothing and modern or almost sci-fi technology. The thought being that it will make the world feel familiar enough to connect with, but have just a little more flair so you’re not distracted by fashions that will be out of date in 5 years.

This book crafted their world perfectly.


The characters tend to be in clothing that feels just a bit Victorian, but the technology tends to be more modern, which makes you feel like you’ve landed in a Gothic version of today. This totally plays into the fact that the Latimer family could easily be the Van Helsing’s in another universe. Which partly came for the design and partly from the well-balanced blend of magic an technology that filled their world.

Goners5The Story

I barreled my way through this book in  less than a day, and then went back to really absorb the artwork.

The plot is paced in a way that will leave you breathless and the journey of the characters will pull your heart-strings every which way.

There is darkness and sorrow, blended with courage and determination that makes this story particularly memorable. But I’ll avoid giving examples because this buddy is also packed with so many twists that I’d easily spoil things if I’m not careful.


5 out of 5 blood spattered stars 

This book is an absolute must-read. If you like comics like Chew or stories that feel like a mix of Hellboy  with The Goonies then you’re going to enjoy the hell out of this.

goners stars

Find a Copy

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Connect with the Creators

♦ Facebook ♦ Creator/Writer: @SaxonJacob ♦ Colorist: @GCassata ♦ Creator/Artist: @jecorona



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