You know that moment where you find this amazing product on Pinterest and then click it only to find it’s link has been lost to eternity?


Yeah – this post was born out of that frustration. That, and my personal obsession with set design.

Because – fun fact, I have spent a good chunk of my life as a production designer. So I’m a little bit obsessed with coming up with a visual concept and finding a fun way to express it through interior design.

So, here’s some of my favorite Pinteresting reconnected with wherever-the-heck those beautiful beasts originated.

So, let the redecorating daydreams begin 🙂

Moody Greens Library or TV Room

rockagoth livingroom3

I love that reinvented 50’s flair that the Rockabilly style has. Bright colors paired with star black and creepy details. It makes my heart go pitter-pat. I keep imagining my living redesigned like this. Mellow turquoise walls with my favorite colors (lime green, purple, and black) sprinkled in to add some fun.

From this collage, here’s what I tracked down:

  1. DIY Cabinet: Take something old and beat-up and give it new life with paint.
  2. Frankenstein’s Monster bust
  3. Vinyl Bat wall decals:
  4. Universal Classic Monsters Clock
    1. Apparently this is a custom painted rather difficult to find paint-it-yourself wall clock kit
    2. but I found ONE unpainted one [here]
    3. and something sort of similar [here].
  5. Frankenstein’s Monster Side table: is a DIY creation, which gives me some fantastic ideas for some of my tables.
  6. Coffin Couch
  7. Peacock Lime Rug

More details for this theme

rocksgoth livingroom 2

Again, little things to bring some life to the room design. I like the idea of two glowing green lamps hanging out on either side of the couch and yeah, that coffin coffee table would be so freakin’ cool to have.

  1. Anatomical Heart Vase is from Dellamorteco on Esty.
    1. If you think this vase is cool, you should definitely check out some of their other items because there’s some seriously cool stuff over there.
  2. Monster and Bride watercolor Prints
  3. Universal Monsters Coaster Set
  4. Coffin Coffee Table, The Bride Side Table, Color Universal Monsters Pillows
  5. DIY Green Pipe Lamp
  6. Quartz Crystal Obelisks

Boldy Red Dinning Room

Or maybe a living room…

rockagoth livingroom1

If I had a dining room, I’d want it to be so cool that I’d actually want to use it. Really, how many of us use that space? Usually it’s all stacks of mail and holiday dinners. I think if the table was paired with something more comfortable, like a couch you’d be more inclined to hang out and read a book with a cup of coffee in between meal times.

  1. Skull planters
    2. amazon.com57939d_b7292b62bb9d4f239140a60fc19d3f20
  2. Pop Art Prints: I couldn’t figure out the ones in that image, but I’d reccomend getting a few metal prints from Pesce Effects
    1. Frankenstein’s monster
    2. The Bride
    3. Vincent Price
    4. Wolfman
  3. Rockabilly Dresser is another example of the custom creations from Spitfire Interiors
  4. Bat Lamp: This particular lamp shade isn’t available anymore, but you could
    1. DIY: add some metallic contact paper inside of a black lampshade and cut out the bat silhouettes with an exacto blade
    2. or check out this Etsy Lampshade
    3. or this fabric shade cover
  5. Classic Car Couch – is the work of the artist but I also found, which has some amazing options
  6. Dracula Pillow
  7. Framed Monster Eye: this guys is actually a piece of art created by the artist Jimmy Pickering originally mentioned in this blog post. So I’d say, either hit up the artist for a commission or have a crack at sculpting a version inside of a cool frame.
  8. Creature from the Black Lagoon Pillow

Rockabilly Home Office

rockagoth office

Now the office design is something I can see happening in the very near future. My office, btw is one corner of my livingroom, because I live in a cozy little one bedroom studio apartment. But hey, I can always repaint my desk and build some better shelving for all of my books, and my sewing machine… and my camera equipment… and paints… ok, well you get the idea.I’m a creative person with all of the essential creative clutter. But I actually use it on a fairly regular basis, so I think that should count for something.

  1. Bat Clock was originally made by EvilPumpkins on Etsy, but it’s not currently available so I found a cool purple wall clock over on Zazzle
  2. Anatomical Heart pen holder
  3. DIY Record Desk Lamp
  4. Coffin Shelves: 2options for you here
    1. DIY
    2. Buy it custom made from
  5. Universal Monsters waste basket
  6. Rockabilly Desk could be a
    1. DIY
    2. Buy it custom made from

In the future

rockabilly monster homePart of why I’m doing the Horror Home Decor posts is because I really really want to re-decorate my own apartment. So eventually my goal is to decide on some looks and then try to DIY for everything in the room. Since I’m on a pretty tight budget these days I’ll have to get particularly clever with how I decorate. Thrift stores here I come! So once I get into the creation phase I’ll be able to share how to make some of the elements here.

For example, I know I could build a set of coffin shelves, or repaint a desk to get that Spitfire flair (not as stunning as their work, but close). So later this year, we can start to get our hands dirty trying to make some custom awesomeness.


I found soooooo many cool rockabilly things that there was no way I could fit it all into one post, so expect to see a couple more Rockabilly vibed posts here in the future.

What do you love?

Leave me a comment: what show, movie or character would you like to see translated into interior design? I’m game for anything. I was kind of toying with doing a Secret of NIMH Kitchen myself…

Anywhoo, let me know and happy creative dreaming in the mean-time!



19 thoughts

  1. So much to drool over here. I’d love the. Coffin couch, monster clock and the bat desk. I just need a room big enough to put them in!

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  2. I love what you’ve done so much. I’m a huge Universal Monsters and classic Horror fan. I have a room in my house decorated with monster and classic Horror posters and memorabilia, including a full sized coffin. Love what you’ve done! You’ve really inspired me and hopefully motivated me to keep going with my own projects! Very cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m loving it all! I just painted my dining room dark grey and added in some Raven and Poe themed items on the mantle. I’m looking for Frank and his Bride prints to flank the giant clock above it. Keep on inspiring me! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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