♦ — Today’s short story was written by Immortal Alexander — ♦

Tunnel in the Dark

There was a door at the end of the hall that lead to nowhere. When opened I could see the same hall before me with myself standing at the end in front of an open door. There were doors to the left and right of the hall but they held nothing of importance inside. “You know the result will always be the same” I’d think every time I touched the handle, but I would still step through expecting to be surprised. I repeated this action over and over again until one day, I was.

The hall went black. I stepped forward into the darkness and began to fall for what seemed like an eternity. No shafts of light or sound at all. Just a deep dark place where my body fell like a feather in vacuum devoid of air. I couldn’t breath. For some reason this was ok. My lungs didn’t need air because I wasn’t alive. As I made this realization I smiled and continued to fall. This is what I wanted anyway. A never ending oblivion. Then I woke.

The room was pitch black. For a moment I thought I was still there. In that place, but I was breathing. I could feel my body had weight and was supported. Knowing that it was just a dream angered me. I flailed my left arm outwards into the dark. Crack, pop. My hand collided with a water glass shattering it in an instant sending cool water, warm blood, and shattered glass into the darkness. I didn’t feel the pain at first, but the sound of broken glass tore my mind back to reality. Back to this moment.

Tunnel in the Dark (1)

I had forgotten who I was and I needed to trace my path back to the beginning to make sense of it all. In the dark, in oblivion I was truly happy. Free of all. It may sound strange but not existing and feeling like you were never born, never died, and never lived can make you feel entirely unburdened. It was all coming back to me now in little lumps of color and shape. Smooth bright red lumps of love, and jagged dark blue slices of fear and regret. I sat up in my bed and firmly planted myself in place. I took shallow breaths not wanting to take in too much life at once. I wanted to examine each eyes staring backmoment before letting it in fully. Ponder over every memory no matter its color or shape.

Eyes. Deep blue with a hint of green. They stared back at me through the darkness. No words were needed. I understood. They didn’t look at me but more through me. Into every part of me. The beautiful, the delicate, and the grotesque. No judgement to be had. She only saw me. Naked and vulnerable. Like a child.


♦ ————- ♦

About Immortal Alexander:

alexanderbio pic

I am currently working on another web series that will be a dark supernatural drama. I am also working on a compilation of Slam Poetry that encompasses my old free association writing and new material. I will be writing many more short stories for the Horror Made blog that I hope to publish in other horror publications as well.

Here’s some of the film work I’ve done:

Writer & Director for “Haunting Light” web series.

Associate Producer (for feature films) – Marathon (drama), Diamond Ruff (action drama) and Cinematographer on Fight Ring.

♦ ————- ♦

If you have a short horror story you’d like to share here on HorrorMade.com, send me a message, I’m always open to guest posts and stories.

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