Another victim from Rock and Shock ambush interview extravaganza comes to the front with today’s comic book review, which asks us this question:

What if Jesus came back from the dead in today’s world and was pissed with what he found?

Prince of Pieces

Prince-of-Pieces coverWritten and Created by: Sam Miserendino

Art and Colors by: Colin Blanton

Cover and Letters by: Matthew Mason

Published by: Creator’s Edge Press

Genre: Horror, Zombies, Social Satire

1 Sentence Synopsis:

Jesus returns as a flesh-eating zombie to a world where religion has become a bloated disguise for hate and greed, and he’s pissed.

(Longer) Book Description:

For two thousand years you’ve been eating His flesh and drinking His blood…Now it’s His turn !

In Prince of Pieces, the Son of God is back and He’s mad as hell. After two millennia of being exploited by purveyors of greed, violence and hypocrisy, Jesus returns with a vengeance. No longer turning the other cheek, He disposes of sinners and religious hypocrites with biblically inspired justice.

Only one thing is certain in the shattered world the rampaging Christ leaves in His wake – – it will take more than nails to stop Him this time! [


Do you consider yourself religious or find that you are easily upset by things that poke fun at the dogma Christianity?

Ok, I’m sorry to hear that, you should go read something else because this is definitely not the graphic novel for you. I’d recommend checking out my Comic Review-a-palooza there’s a ton of stuff there that you may enjoy.

For those of you still with me, you must have some sick, twisted senses of humor. I approve.



prince_banner20222On the whole this comic was exactly what I was hoping to find in a zombie-Jesus novel. Bloody, violent satire that poked more holes in the hypocrisy found in religion than you find in swiss cheese.

Quotes from the bible are woven in, with over-the-top gore for a really fun read.

That Ending Though…

The only place that I think the comic fell short on was at the end of the story.

The tie-up felt rushed and Jesus does something very out of character. His final moments felt a little more like a general monster movie wrap-up than Jesus on a righteous rampage.


That’s my only knit-pick however, because the rest of it is freakin’ brilliant.

Playing with Bible stories

Every section of this comic plays with the most well-know stories from the bible and twists them in a dark way.

Did you ever think that the miracle of fish and loaves, where Jesus made 2 small baskets of fish feed a huge group of people, could be a bad thing?

It is when you have a mouthful of gum and then Jesus does his thing. Breathing gets a little more difficult after than…

Playing with words

prince of pieces quote1Pretty much any religious play-on-words you could like of pops up in this comic, and it’s hilarious. This was one of my favorites:


The artwork in this comic is fantastic. The boldly drawn style makes the cast of exaggerated villains and violence really stand out.



5 out of 5 blood spattered stars.

If you Quentin Tarantino style gore, and the humor of movies like The Evil Dead and Dogma, you’re going to enjoy the holy heck out of this.

5 star grey bolts


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