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I’ve gotten better about how I treat my phone since I don’t spend as much time on film sets these days, so I’ve discovered this beautiful world of decorative phone cases. Thankfully I can actually look outside of the cases that will protect my phone from horror movie conditions. (Falling into lakes full of leeches, or suddenly discovering I’m thigh deep in mud, or wandering around in -14 degree weather, to name a  few real-life examples.)

So I was perusing the magical land of Etsy for a new phone cover, and I found so many cool things, that I figured I’d share my discoveries with you 🙂

Here’s to sweet covers and not being attacked by ninjas in the middle of the night!


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  1. Mummy Case from Bloodbath
  2. 5 Nights at Freddy’s from CoverBruva
  3. Goth eyes case from raplingo.
  4. Mummy’s Revenge Case from TerrorThreadsOnEtsy
  5. Zombie Head from Steaminc


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  1. Child’s Play from Bloodbath
  2. Bride of Frankenstein from  Bloodbath
  3. Freddy from casefinatic
  4. Creepshow from RiverCityPrinting
  5. Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank from KnockEmDeadCases

Lovecraft Collection:

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  1. The Yellow Sign from ValkyrieApparelTees
  2. Geek Octopus Cat Cthulhu from Steaminc
  3. H.P. Lovecraft Cell Phone Case from Geekazoid
  4. The Dunwich Horror 1970 from Geekazoid
  5. Octopus Embellished on Hand Painted Enamel from EdwardianRenaissance

Pastel Goth

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  1. eye balls phone case from TheSmallPrintCases
  2. Vampire Bat Case from TheSmallPrintCases
  3. Fangs Case from TheSmallPrintCases
  4. Bat Cameo case from AbbiesAnchor
  5. Ouija Board Case from RawBillions

There are so many more, but these were just my few of my favorites. Anywhoo, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and feel free to join me over on my facebook page for more random horror tidbits all weekend long. ♥


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