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Good [your current time of day] to you my bookish fiends! This week’s book review is for the audiobook edition of The Dave Hincy Code by Richard Ainsworth, book II in the Widdowshins series.

If you haven’t read Book 1 yet I recommend checking out my review of The Hand Over the CandleOtherwise, let us trot onwards!

The Dave Hincy Code

Written by Richard Ainsworth


Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Occult

Date of Publication: October 21, 2015

Book Description:

When the postman – Dave Hinchy, pops the wrong piece of post through the letterbox of Ruby, he causes a brand of mayhem he could never account for. Dave is mixed up with a secret society – The Rosy Crustaceans. They are led by a sinister Doctor, with very dubious intentions of world domination, all starting with the annexation of Widdowshins with Hades. Ruby recognizes him for what he is and gathers her forces together – her twin sister, her cat, a rather hysterical vicar and a koi carp, off they trot to take on the powers of darkness… St Michael pops in to lend a hand too.


Quirky, Funny, and full of lovable characters

tumblr_mfspn7umfe1qkx3d4o1_250I cannot get enough of the Widdowshins brand of humor. It’s so refreshing to read a book that makes each of the characters part of an ongoing joke. (The dimwitted yet lovable cat and a monkey skull named Eddy too snarky for his own good to name a few.) In some ways  the people of Widdowshins reminds me of Joss Whedon’s, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is mostly because of how the cast of quirky characters interact with each other. There’s this light-hearted playfulness and rivalry going on throughout the book that just kept bringing Buffy and Cordelia to mind.

Once again, the scenes with the dimwitted cat where my favorite, but the level 10 sass of Ruby, the witch leading the way, came in a close second. She commands her rag-tag magical team with a confidence I love. She’s also incredibly intelligent and it shows in how she works her way through the mystery that is the Dave Hincy code as well as how she craftily outs the bad guy.

The Occult

EDDY-1-700-700One of the really exciting elements of this book is the obvious care and research that went into the rituals and characters involving the Occult. There is a lot of real information added to these pages that made the scenes with magic really stand out. The ones involving tarot cards and angels I found particularly fascinating because I’ve actually seen some of these rituals performed before. (Although not as dramatically as they happen in the book. lol.

I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again.

The most enjoyable aspect of this book is how it’s been translated into audio. The narrator knocks his performances out of the park, creating some fantastic depth to the characters with his performances. Each character has their own believable voice, and pattern of speech, which really brings them to life.

One thing that this audiobook does differently is that, rather than a lot of sound effects and/or a score underlying the story, there are moments when a song track will pop in and change up the atmosphere. They were great additions to the storytelling. And I have to mention, the music that is included in this book is really fun, it makes me feel like I’ve landed in Widdowshins and I’m listening to the atmosphere of the town. I would love to have the tracks separate so I could listen to them on their own from time to time.


5 out of 5 blood spattered stars. For a light-hearted read, that will get you laughing while demons cause mayhem in the quirkiest of small towns, this is an absolute must-read.


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