Unholy moly, you guys make picking poems to illustrate each week really challenging! Fantastic work my friends!

♦ ————- ♦

First up on the poetry train is a piece from Horror Made resident poet, Patrick Rahall.


The full moon rises.

The wolf forces it’s way out.

I’ve lost all control.


♦ ————- ♦

♦ ————- ♦


♦ ————- ♦

♦ ————- ♦


♦ ————- ♦

Thank you all so much for sharing your delightful;y dark imaginations with me.

If you’d like the chance to see you horror haiku or two sentence horror story featured here next week use #horrorhaikuesday on Twitter or Instagram. Or, leave me a comment below.

Have a good one guys!!

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