♣ — Post Author — Immortal Alexander — ♣

Hello lovers of the macabre. Immortal Alexander here for another blood curdling tale. This short story is inspired by a novel I am currently writing. The title is still in flux so I choose “A Dark Place” as a good fill in title for now.

Be warned before we begin our tale today as it contains adult language and violence. Enjoy!

♦ ————- ♦

A Dark Place

The young girl was hanging from a noose that was hung over an old pine beam on the ceiling of the barn. Her face was inexpressive and her flesh looked loose and grey. She had only hung herself recently yet her hair, skin, and clothes looked like they were fresh from the grave.

hanging girlSuzie and I just stood their mouths agape for what seemed like ages. Our friend Michael felt both terrified and vindicated. Terrified at the prospect of something truly supernatural having just occurred, and vindicated at the fact that the young girl who had just stabbed him in the right foot was now swinging from the rafters. Her corpse swung ever so slightly creaking on the old pine beam making the whole group uneasy about staying here much longer, but they had no choice. Mike braced himself against a wooden post and pushed himself to a standing position mashing his teeth and grimacing at the sharp pains that were shooting up his leg causing his body to shake as he steadied himself. His denim jacket had a new tear down its side due to a rusty nail that was sticking out of the post that caught his jacket when he had fallen. Shit my fucking jacket Michael exclaimed. We all laughed at Michael’s lack of priorities. I think we needed to laugh. Our situation was looking pretty grim and we didn’t know if we’d make it through the night, and if we’d ever find our way home.

Home. A distant memory. Where my sister Suzi didn’t know how to cook, but could burn toast and turn spaghetti to mush. Our mother on the other hand had been cooking since she was five. The thought of one of her home cooked meals made me both sad and very hungry. Stuffed eggplant dripping with mozzarella and smothered in homemade sauce made with garlic, basil, and red wine. Shit I was hungry. I was also staring off into space imagining myself savoring every bite. Everything when white for a second and I felt a sharp pain at the back of my head. As I came back to reality I looked over at Suzie who had an agitated look on her face. She must have caught me daydreaming and smacked me in the back of the head like mom used to do. I miss mom I said to Suzie with the biggest sad puppydog eyes I could muster. Get your shit together little sister said Suzie, or we’re all dead like that little bitch hanging up there. She pointed at the ceiling without looking but me and Michael instinctively looked up and to our horror nothing was there. Not the rope or even the rotting little girl.

A loud howl rang out in the night and all of our hearts sank deep in our stomachs. Shit said Suzie. We’re never getting out of here. We’re all going to die. They’re going to tear out our hearts, and chop off our heads like some kind of bad horror movie I just know it.

♦ ————- ♦

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