Let the whispered words of darkness and horror sooth you for a minute into thinking it will all be ok, with this short film full of dark poetry from Mr. Shelton TV.

Watching work like this makes my hands ache to grab hold of a camera and play with the visuals that go along with the poetry the way Mr. Shelton did for this. I really enjoyed the use of black and white and the more abstract shots mixed in with the narrative ones.

Total Tangent Time

Also, on the topic of video, let’s chat about YouTube.

I realize my videos have been erratic and random lately. A big part of that has been balancing my part-time jobs, corporeal needs, and keeping this blog posting at once every week day while keeping up with you guys on FB, Twitter, and Tumblr. (You guys constantly make my day amazing BTW, so thank you <3)

I’ve been kind of stuck on what I want the video content to be.Video book reviews were not making much sense to me, and other than the tour videos that was all I had planned for the channel. I kind of figured, If I’m looking for something to read I tend to go… you know, read about it.

That being said, I have a few old videos that I need to finish editing. Some with Kristina, a new Spider’s Nest episode and yes, at least 2 more from Rock and Shock. One with the artist of Prince of Pieces and another from Horror Show Jack- fang sculptor extraordinaire (also a  totally awesome dude.) But once I (finally) get those videos up, what’s next?

What to make?

I have schemes for a few web-series, but those are a big to-do and will take some time to get put together. So I’ve been dreaming up some other videos that I want to do.

  1. Speed paintings based on the music from bands I love
    1. Bigger and more detailed paintings done from sketch to full color, instead of stopping with the sketch and then switching to digital-land.
  2. Vlog
    1. because hey, I feel like I’ve lost those moments where I take the time to chat with you, like I’m doing right now. “What’s up? What podcasting and film projects have I been doing? How my day as a Viking went.” You, know, the basics.
  3. Horror Tabletop gaming
    1. This is an experimental project I want to test out. Because one of my new-found loves is tabletop gaming.
    2. I’d love to get together with a bunch of my friends and record some of our absurd games- because the storytelling side of things like Betrayal at House on the Hill and Gloom get waaay out of hand. Every time.
  4. And last, but not least, How-To videos for the Horror Home Decor projects I have planned.

Right… and I thought I was busy before…

That’s the problem with us creative types though isn’t it?

The more we love what we’re doing, the more obsessive we get about the things we’re making. And the less time we spend thinking about anything else.

What will probably end up happening is that 1 blog post a week will end up being a video post, so I actually have time to record and edit. Thankfully Immortal Alexander has taken over the videos from Wednesdays So there’s just enough breather room for me to even consider adding videos to my make-’em list.

Why even make videos?

Well, on the main level it’s that I love filmmaking. I’ve spent a good chunk of my adult life making movies so YouTube gives me the perfect outlet to express that side of me. On another level, I know it’s the perfect medium to teach you guys how to do the crafting projects I want to make. And on yet another level, I know it will mean connecting with you in a more personal way. I’m fun on digital paper, but it would be nice to get even closer to a face-to-face conversation with you guys.

Back from my tangent

So anyway, I really joyed watching Avant-Macabre, and it got my brain spinning with ideas. So, to Mr. Shelton and the artists involved– Thank you. Thank you for the inspiration I’ve been needing to get me excited about the filming side of things again.

If you like this piece, let Mr. Shelton know by popping over to his YouTube channel and sending him a thumbs-up or even subscribe so you can watch all of his creative awesomeness.

Have a good one my friends!

~Jeanette Andromeda

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