Hello my friends, guess who’s been burning the candle at both ends lately? Oh yeah. It’s me. As I sit here, mildly hunched over my laptop, still bumming around in my black cat pajamas and sipping my morning smoothie. (don’t judge, it’s the only way I can get myself to eat fruit on a regular basis). I’m gazing at the overflowing to-do list I’ve accumulated and I’m… excited. *evil grin*

There are so many awesome things coming down the line, and winter has finally been smacked into submission by the nearing sun so I have nothing but hope and a tendency toward overambitious dreaming to give. So I wanted to take this, admittedly late, Friday morning post to sit and chat, and fill you in on all the delightfully dark dreaming.

You know that obsession I have with podcasts? Well…

I’m officially a co-host for two podcasts, the 9th Story and The Scream Sisters! Woooo!

9th Story

9-401The 9th Story is a podcast about storytelling. Where we interview authors, musicians, artists and other types of storytellers about their craft and they share some of the challenges they experience as an an artist.

So, if you are a lover of storytelling or are an artist yourself, come pop on by and give us a listen. Here’s the first episode of season 4. I’m writing up a companion post to go with it for this upcoming Monday. And if you’d like to subscribe to our podcast (You’re awesome and deserve all of the hugs for it) you can find it on:

Stitcher iTunes ♦ and TuneIn Radio

Scream Sisters

326889The Scream Sisters is new podcast (only about 7 episodes old at the time of this post) that is an all women horror podcast.

What does that mean? That means sultry voices talking about all aspects of horror. 😉 And then mine… Which is the laugh track. (I laugh maybe too much. Which I have become more aware of the more I podcast.)

There are filmmaker interviews and episodes devoted to exploring a topic in depth (like zombies or vampires etc). We are a little rough around the edges, since we’re still learning about the technical side of podcasting and not working off of the best equipment at the moment. But we are getting there. So if you’d like to listen or subscribe to the show, pop on over to:

iTunes  ♦ Yarn.FM ♦ BluBurry ♦ Podomatic

In a totally non horror turn of events

I’m also working on fulfilling a grant that my friend Marc and I received. Together we’re building a projected art installation in the windows of two local businesses. I’ve recently started the sculpt for the 4′ tall frog sculpture I’m responsible for:

I’m actually working on the edit for day 2 of the sculpt later tonight, after I spend even more time sculpting.

tumblr_n06iijVpVp1rpt61io1_250You know, there’s something really satisfying about stabbing something repeatedly for hours and hours. Although, I’ve found my hands ache something awful afterwards, so I do have to work on it in stages.

♦ ————- ♦

These are the concrete things I have cooking at the moment, so now you’re up to date.

As for the things that are still brewing? Well, that’s getting into my YouTube planning, but I already chatted about that on Monday, so I’ll spare you. For now.

What dreams have you excited lately? Any plans on going to concerts or conventions this year?

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